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TV Sherlock in illustration

We will miss this TV favourite. That famous coat (and the hat sometimes) have become an image ingrained in our popular culture. Well done to actor, Benedict C for an excellent take on such a well loved fictional character. I often illustrate fashion, so I sketched out his Sherlock wearing his fabulous coat ‘for the record’

Source: TV Sherlock in illustration


Best of British – *Fit 4 Nothing Gym* 500 Piece Puzzle

– it’s not always easy reviewing jigsaw puzzles but this product review has bags of personality and is written by Kay N from Leicestershire UK

I can imagine anyone joining ‘Fit 4 Nothing’ would look forward to burning off the calories and then adding a few more before leaving. The opportunity to utilise the cake machine would be a good reason to revisit and you could start the process all over again.
An extremely good quality, colourful and highly amusing jigsaw which I very much enjoyed doing. Not just for the visual jokes which are funny in themselves but also the signs and advertisements on the walls and screens. Some of the jokes are obvious but some are very subtle and have to be searched for. Looking for the jokes I find is just as enjoyable as completing the puzzle itself, so the enjoyment and entertainment is twofold.
All in all an excellent medium ability puzzle.


Combo Apps/ICZI Type C USB Cables and Adapters

Review of Type C USB Cables and Adapters by Tina at Combo Apps

I wanted to show off these cables I got from Amazon by ICZI. These are Type C USB Cables. Now you’re wondering why did I get these cables. Well I still use a laptop and my friend has an Apple…

Source: Combo Apps/ICZI Type C USB Cables and Adapters

2016: Boarding complete

Taking the opportunity of wishing all readers/subscribers of tss a Happy New Year! Cheating a little by sharing a summary of 2016 written by someone else, namely potatopen on wordpress I enjoyed the vitality and the personality in the writing, liked the ‘summing up’ of what has been a strange and difficult year (aren’t they all). All the best for 2017 everyone, from Debra (ed of tssreviews) ♥

The year sounded promising, and as we all buckled into a smooth transition with stellar academics, promotions, proposals and marriages, reality trumped in our faces (pun unintended) as always. In t…

Click on over: Source: 2016: Boarding complete

Fashion, Textiles and Design

This artwork was created to pull together the study themes of Fashion, Textiles and Design. The illustration depicts all three of those elements. I see it as an ideal cover for a course guide. I have created the layers and texture by using pencil crayon upon textured paper, and the face using artist pen in bold. Then photographed with a Patchwork background and changed the view with a little Photoshop manipulation

Source: Fashion, Textiles and Design


OUR DESIGN IS OPULENT Featured: Wallpaper by Rasch Feature Wallcovering pictured above is by Rasch (available to account holders) is Home Vision VII #732535 Silver Metallic LAYERED AND TEXTURED Pic…






Rasch Wallpaper


Home Vision VII #732535 Silver Metallic Wallpaper by Rasch

Featured: Wallpaper by Rasch

Feature Wallcovering pictured above is by Rasch (available to account holders) is Home Vision VII #732535 Silver Metallic



Grey Check Squares Lampshade by Designer/Maker Karen Davey

Pictured above and below is Grey Check Squares Lampshade handmade by Karen Davey in Cornwall


suitable for either a ceiling pendant or table lamp the Grey Check Squares Lampshade by Karen Davey


Quick-Step Laminate flooring CREO Tennessee Oak Light Wood



Tennessee Oak Light Wood CREO Laminate flooring CR 3179



HANDMADE Drift Rug 100% wool pile Available at The Rug Seller

Rug is beige Drift Rug at The Rug Seller






The Amina pendant ceiling light

Lighting above and below from Above the Amina Pendant Ceiling Light

Below The Frances Floor Lamp



Home Candles by Sandy Bay London

Home Candles by Sandy Bay London

Hand poured in the UK, 220g mineral wax Home Candles by Sandy Bay LONDON




THE BRITISH HOME STORE (BHS.COM) is TSS Business of the Month for November 2016

this BHS Store in St Stephens Street, Norwich was one of the final 22 stores to close. Image Source: ITV News

this BHS Store in St Stephens Street, Norwich was one of the final 22 stores to close in the UK. Image Source: ITV News

The British Home Stores (BHS) chain enjoyed the penchant type following of the British public for decades, successfully selling factory-made goods across many departments: fashion and accessories, children’s clothing; lighting and textiles; home and garden; as well as toys, stationery and confectionery, until it fell into administration in April of 2016 under circumstances steeped in controversy. Subsequently, it failed to attract a buyer which resulted in the closure of all of its UK stores this summer (2016)

Al Mana Tower in Doha Image source:

Al Mana Tower in Doha Image source:

However, there is another thread to the BHS story happening right now. In recent months Qatar based corporate business the Al Mana Group has acquired the BHS Brand, the International franchise business, plus for online retailing purposes

About Al Mana Group: has a diverse portfolio of businesses and represents many large and successful brands worldwide across the luxury goods, beauty; fashion; home interiors; watches and jewellery areas of retail. TSS can confirm that Al Mana has a new company called BHS International which is now operating It is our understanding also, that the Al Mana Group has bought almost all of the international branches of BHS

left to right: David Anderson, managing director, Sarah and Dave West, head of creative, all remain from the former business. Image source - Retail Week

image source : Retail Week

So BHS is back in the UK! Now as an online retailer exclusively, with its website having been launched on 29 September 2016 and with a headquarters in London. Run by key people who had positions within the widely treasured and popular UK retailer before it went into administration. This includes David Anderson, Managing Director (left) Buying Director, Sara Bradley (middle) and Head of Creative, Dave West (right)

Admittedly, product lines have been reduced down in comparison to what went before. BHS lighting products for example have always been excellent, the company provided quality fitments and lighting accessories that were never going to break the bank. So lighting, along with home furnishings, remain the main focus for online selling because both these areas were responsible for the lion’s share of the online sales at the time the retail giant was still trading on UK’s high streets. Kitchen, dining, clothing ranges and festive seasonal selling has just been introduced since that September launch


Amina Pendant Available from

Our readers may be skeptical and arrive at the notion that there remains nothing the consumer can associate with the original BHS and what they liked about it. This would be a misconception, because in almost every case the company are using the exact same manufacturers and suppliers as they were before, and it is for that reason we award British Home Store as our latest Business of the Month



Santa’s Christmas Party Jigsaw Puzzle 1000 pcs – Product Review

The Artist
For over 10 years Roy Trower has been the man who creates those beautifully illustrated scenes which determine the themes for the Christmas Limited Editions jigsaw puzzles by Ravensburger. The artwork involves 2D skills, from sketching out the design to hand painting. Artist, Trower (from Devon UK) uses a mix of water-colours, gouache and pencil colours. His designs do not include computer software manipulation or enhancement


The Theme
The theme is Santa and equally Mrs Claus (as it is for an advertising campaign running for a certain multinational high street retailer this Christmas #LoveMrsClaus) So we have a hat less Santa in a dance hold with his dear wife and they are gazing lovingly into each others eyes. So it is a romantic setting in snowy world with lantern lights hanging down from the top which creates a warm glow which illuminates all the creatures big and small, the partying elves and the foodie treats. Such a colourful and heartwarming scene

The Product
Santa’s Christmas Party is a 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Christmas jigsaw puzzle by Ravensburger 1000 pieces. These Christmas limited editions are a standalone separate from the other numbered limited edition series.This premium jigsaw is rectangular on completion, and measures 70 x 50 cm approx. Not suitable for children under 36 months (small pieces). From 12 years to adult. RRP £12.99

The Promoting
communication and online selling of this item includes:

This review will also appear : Ravensburger Puzzle club


As Ravensburger reviewing regulars it wouldn’t be quite right to be denied a first look at the Christmas puzzle on release from the company each year. This puzzle is so sweet but difficulty level is quite high, because a large percentage of the pieces are blue, black and white which makes it tricky to identify one piece from another. Therefore we found once the edges were in place it was easier to pick out and compile firstly all those pieces packed with more of the pictorials present, (those pieces enveloped in a yellow and orange glow particularly)-leaving the night sky and the snowy landscape until we had whittled things down a bit