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UNILIN flooring

7 smart reasons why UNILIN is a Growth Company

What is a growth Company?

‘A growth company is any company whose business generates significant positive cash flows or earnings, which increase at significantly faster rates than the overall economy. A growth company tends to have very profitable reinvestment opportunities for its own retained earnings’ Source: Investopedia

Here follows 7 Reasons why UNILIN is one of these companies:

1. Because since first becoming established in Flanders, Belgium in 1960, UNILIN has developed into a world player and maintains a leadership position in the flooring industry with its famous brands Quick-Step (introduced in 1990) and Pergo. UNILIN also manufactures products such as roof elements, insulation panels and furniture panels

Mohawk industries

2. And because UNILIN has been part of corporate retailing giant Mohawk Industries Inc since 2005. The UNILIN acquisition established a strong European presence for MOHAWK,  as well as bringing about a leading laminate position. Aside from Europe, Mohawk Production units are situated in North and South America and Asia too


UNILIN division flooring produces laminate floors, engineered wood and vinyl flooring (Quick-Step and Pergo). The division also produces and distributes matching accessories

UNILIN Division Flooring, Wielsbeke, Belgium

3. and UNILIN is a strong growth business because it is internationally active. UNILIN has nine production sites in Belgium with Unilin ‘s headquarters located in Wielsbeke near Waregem, Three divisions: UNILIN, division flooring (pictured above) Laminate flooring producing those quality brands, and Wood departments: which produce engineered wood, with a variety of natural decors; and Vinyl departments producing practical multi-layer vinyl floors with a printed surface in a variety of colours; UNILIN, division panels wood-based panels (particleboard, MDF), decorative panels; UNILIN, division insulation– roofing and insulation. Many other production units operating across Europe as a whole, plus a growing market in China. UNILIN also active in Brazil, in Australia, and in Vietnam too. Amounting to 20 Productions units internationally

4. And UNILIN is also a strong growth Business because it is financially sound. Consolidated turnover of the UNILIN Group amounts to € 1,4 billion

Unilin’s CEO Bernard Thiers (pictured above with 5 graduates) joined Unilin in 1984 as a plant manager, he has and served in roles of increasing management significance since that time, including President.

Unilin’s CEO Bernard Thiers (pictured above (rear) chairing a meeting with five graduates) joined Unilin in 1984 as a plant manager, he has and served in roles of increasing management significance since that time, including President Image Source. Mark Magazine 2014 – a subscription magazine for the practice and perception of architecture

5. UNILIN is driven by innovation, with the company’s culture characterised by investments in technology and human capital. Therefore, being an employer of 4.800 people, it stands out as being not only a growth company but a passionate and one! At every level, real entrepreneurs are at the heart of UNILIN’s success, with attractive salaries and additional incentives for those that bring creativity and dynamism to the table and then becoming intrapreneurs who thrive. UNILIN was awarded the Top Employer from the Top Employer Institute België/Belgique 2016 certification

renewed production line

hi-tech production line at UNILIN, division flooring

6. UNILIN is a growth company as it produces high quality products: Laminate flooring, composite parquet floors and luxury vinyl flooring under the brands Quick-Step and Pergo. Note: Next month, September 2016, UNILIN, division flooring will be launching a brand-new Quick-Step Majestic laminate. 


Quick Step Impressive laminate flooring – IMAGE our own – a bathroom refit project showcased at tssreviews (Autumn 2015)

7. And last but not least, with ‘Respect’ being the cornerstone of the UNILIN philosophy, means the company is committed to its employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and everyone they work with. Having respect for the environment, UNILIN achieves good balance between economic, social and environmental considerations – which is why the business is successful, and so that everyone associated with this growth company is benefiting from its promise of top quality and service

UNILIN is TSS Business of the Month for August 2016



HW K950 soundbar

The Samsung HW-K950 Soundbar – Product feature

Samsung Electronics have today announced that the HW-K950 is the latest addition to its premium soundbar portfolio and the industry’s first to be custom developed to deliver captivating sound with Dolby Atmos technology, is now available to buy in the UK.

The Samsung HW-K950 is the world’s first 5.1.4 playback system to offer next-generation home theatre sound sporting 15 speakers, including four upward-firing Dolby Atmos enabled speakers and two rear wireless speakers, delivering overhead and surround sound.

Soundbar HW-K950

Soundbar HW-K950

At just 2.1” high, the HW-K950’s slim and sleek design features 15 built-in speakers including three forward-facing and two upwards-facing units which produce a rich, full sound big enough to fill a room. Specifically engineered wide range tweeters deliver the best audio in any seat, allowing people to enjoy crystal clear, accurate sound alongside realistic, cinematic detail for a breath-taking home audio experience.

HW K950 with speakers

HW K950 with speakers

The soundbar connects wirelessly to the subwoofer and rear speaker units, for a practical and seamless solution in any living space. This also means that ceiling-fitted speakers are not required for moving, multi-dimensional audio.

Not just for movie-lovers, customers can also enjoy studio-quality music with the HW-K950. Multiroom functionality enables the system to connect wirelessly to Samsung Multiroom speakers for High Res Audio in any chosen room ensuring the best possible music experience.

Commenting on the launch, Steve Mitchell, General Manager of TV and AV, Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland said: “Interest in the HW-K950 since its unveiling at CES earlier this year has been phenomenal and we are hugely excited to be bringing the device to our customers in the UK. Whether you are listening to music, watching films, television shows or playing your favourite video games, we’re confident that the new Samsung HW-K950 soundbar will be the best product in the market to deliver the full impact of the entertainment experience, helping viewers get even closer to the action.”

The Samsung HW-K950 joins an award-winning AV product portfolio and retails at RRP of £1,299.99. For more information and stockist details visit


Combo Apps/Prisma

COMBO APPS: Mobile Extreme Editing

Prisma transforms your photos into artworks using the styles of famous artists:  Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan, as well as world famous ornaments and patterns. A unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence helps you turn memorable moments into timeless art.”

Prisma Demo

You’ve watch the video and read the little bio about the app Prisma. So you’re wondering how does it all work, well I’ll give you the step by step and detailed information about the app.

Recently Added-528

Before you start using this app, make sure you’re online. I recommend using WiFi because I don’t know if this app will eat up your data. You can turn off the watermark without paying for it.

Recently Added-529

I like to go through my camera roll rather than take a photo. The app is set up in square format only. You can crop your photo to fit in the square. I tried pinching in and…

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the directors

Publisher Search Press is TSS Business of the Month for July 2016

Media and Publishing are the realms in which TSS operates and so excited to champion book publisher, Search Press, as our Business of the Month for July 2016

About Search Press

Now in its 46th year Search Press Ltd, is an award winning independent consumer publisher and wholesale business, operating from Tunbridge Wells, and one which has become a leading art and craft publisher in the UK. A family run business, Search Press has been championing and presenting, in book format, the best in fine art, textiles, general/children’s crafts since the company was founded by Charlotte (Lotti) de la Bedoyere in 1970

About Lotti

Lotti translated a book on Basket Weaving from German to English and published it in an attic room in Kensington. This the first of many titles with a winning format on art and craft subjects, at a good price, which proved to be popular. The move in the 1980s to Tunbridge Wells saw that Lotti had expanded the business at a fast pace, she continued to publish books of a series, developed new ones and commissioned larger titles

About Martin and Caroline
Lotti took the decision to retire in 1997, with son, Martin de la Bedoyere taking over as MD alongside wife, Caroline – Director of Sales and Marketing. Both directors having had knowledge and experience within publishing prior to, and both keen to carry on the high work ethics of Lotti (who remains well connected). To continue with her style and approach and to fit with publishing policies, but also to diversify, to grow sales, and to master the niche of being a high performing independent publisher. Directors: Martin and Caroline de la Bedoyere appear in the featured image at the top (Image: source

About the Books
Titles under the following main categories are: Knitting & Crochet, Needlecraft & Embroidery, Textile Craft, Practical Art, Beads & Braids, General Crafts, and C&T in the US

Amanda and Gordon Search Press Australia

Distributors Amanda and Gordon – Search Press Australia

About the Trade
As the company is a commercial business, its trading activity is global. Search Press has established overseas suppliers, and offices in Australia and the US. Search Press trade stalls and sales representatives have an ongoing presence at all major trading events and book fairs geared for publishing suppliers and book buyer interest, and, subsequently, Search Press titles are retailing in book shops nationally, internationally, and online

About the Website
The website is a web retailing outlet and includes a blue button to click over to the trade site, which operates (as many wholesale businesses do) on account based ordering to the Sales Department. Printed Wholesale catalogues and order forms are circulated regularly

Search Press author's party 2013 Image Source: Author, Debbie Shore

Search Press author’s party 2013
Image Source: Author, Debbie Shore

The Authors
Search Press has respect for its authors, who are sometimes talented newcomers with new and exciting ideas, sometimes returning authors with another title for Search Press. All authors are craft specialists within their field of expertise, who write well and are generous with their tip sharing; many books turn out to be bestsellers. Authors include: Beate Schmitz (an accomplished crocheter, designer, illustrator, writer and teacher); Debbie Shore (supplier of fresh and fun sewing projects) and Glyn Macey (who, in his own words ‘makes pictures with paint and stuff’) Some publications, like the ‘100 Little***to Make’ books are directly produced from The Search Press Studio
Note: Search Press accepts the submission of book proposals from those with a book idea as long as guidelines are followed


About the Teams
Search Press publishes up to 100 new titles each year, and so new releases are happening every month. Many staff members have been long term employees, working on both front and back list titles. Each holds a clearly defined position, but work closely with others and are supportive of one another. Under Sales and Marketing is Mary Ellingham the Publicity Manager, and under Accounts is Sue Hill -Trade Account Manager. The Editorial Team is headed by Katie French – Head of Editorial and under Production Marrianne Miall is a designer (digital) who also happens to be a Search Press author too! Michael Graham is Manager of a warehouse of 20,000sq ft and is home to 900,000 books
Altogether around 30 employees working at the premises North Farm Industrial Estate which includes in-house distribution and customer service

Mary (left) and Katie (right) pictured with author Lindsay Taylor (centre)

Mary (left) and Katie (right) pictured with author Lindsay Taylor (centre)

Search Press news
Search Press was the winner of two awards in the 2015 IPG Independent Publishing Awards. Awards received: Independent Publisher of the Year and Specialist Consumer Publisher of the Year. “To dominate a competitive sector in the way it does is an outstanding feat.” Said the Judges.
The offices and warehouse at Tunbridge Wells have recently been extended.  A visitor to the studio, artist Alan Wollett is pictured working on a design below, also a new craft room is being used for workshops or demonstrations by customers, authors or organisations

studio visitor Alan Wollett

Studio visitor Alan Wollett


Making Great Illustration


ISBN 978-1-4081-2453-6
Making Great Illustration by Derek Brazell and Jo Davies (The Authors)
Published by Bloomsbury (imprint A&C Black Visual Arts)
Paperback Published 22.09.2011 Available at Amazon
RRP £35.00
Published as an e-book 10.05.2016
RRP £34.00


Introduction from The Authors
Foreword (with 3 sub headings)
10 main Chapters
The Photography
The Authors (about)

The book presents:
Illustrators and animators working in 2D and 3D across a broad area of career fields
Designers working in the commercial industry, in marketing and communication roles particularly, producing brand related creative content, logos, etc.

Chapters cover the following subjects: design, advertising and editorial concepts; philosophical commentary; development principles; observational studies; art direction and the illustrators’ work; the publishing world today; art and commerce; studio practices; working methodology; the link with storytelling narrative; and the different styles, techniques and approaches in making great illustration. All of this is led by a series of artist profiles in an interview format. Artists are indexed at the rear of the book. Profiles include case studies and many talk about cultural influences reflected in their designs. The talk is a mix of opinion, and a relaying of both professional and personal experience in the life of an illustrator

Information from an industry perspective. This book is not a teaching book, but it is a very good reference book. ‘An inspiring book’ better describes it, especially for people already working on commissions for clients, or who work in commercial areas that require some sort of illustrative practice i.e. advertising, graphic design, book publishing. Suitable too, for a wider reading audience interested in art and design and who enjoy ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ accounts from those making a successful living from their artistic talents across the globe

Marian Bantjes

This photograph of MARIAN BANTJES features on p111 of Making Great Illustration under the heading Typographical Illustration. The Client’s Perspective in this section is that of Terron E. Schaefer Group Senior Vice President, Creative and Marketing at Saks Fifth Avenue

10 main headings:
• Design and Advertising
• Fiction
• Decorative Illustration and Merchandising
• Editorial and Political Illustration
• Typographical
• Children’s Publishing
• Graphic Literature
• Fashion Illustration
• Topographical Illustration
• Authorial Practice
Under each heading is a single paged Client’s Perspective followed by a trio selection of artist interviews.
For instance, the Client’s Perspective under the heading Decorative Illustration and Merchandising is from MATTHIEU LELIÈVRE – Curator, at Musee des Arts Decoratifs , France. On the subject, LELIÈVRE (p54) says that Illustration is present in many museum collections, and in many forms, which reflect an era to which a variety of objects and artifacts belong, including manuscripts, lithographs; cartoons; photographs; posters. The artists interviewed under this same heading are ANTIOINE+MANUEL (France), CATALINA ESTRADA (Barcelona, Spain) and PETE FOWLER (London)
Another example to outline this repeated format comes under the heading Children’s Publishing the Client’s Perspective is that of Creative Director and Associate Publisher of Candlewick Press, USA – CHRISTINA PAUL. On the subject, PAUL (p114) talks of Picture Book making, acknowledging that Illustration is integral to children’s picture books, while reminding us that the genre is always a collaborative art form between author, artist, editor and art director/designer. The three artists profiled under this heading are OLIVER JEFFERS (New York, USA) QUENTIN BLAKE (France & UK), KITTY CROWTHER (Brussels, Belgium)
And this is the way the format goes. All artists have been carefully chosen to appear under headings which are appropriate to their individual art forms, and their high status within that category of their best working practice

A bright, modern, cover design, with exceptional print and paper quality throughout. A large Paperback measuring 280mm x 250mm. 224 Pages. Headings and Sub-headings as described under Main Body. Main text font is small, thin and fine, mostly black. Scattered quotes and typographical styles feature. Contributors have examples of their illustrative work beautifully showcased in full colour photography

Brad Holland

A portrait and studio photograph of BRAD HOLLAND, by photographer Andrea Liggins Note: This image features on p85 of Making Great Illustration Under the heading Editorial and Political. The Client’s Perspective in this section is that of New York Times Art Director, Jerelle Kraus

Over 250 full colour photographic images appear throughout.
Pencil/artist pen drawn portrait sketches of Lelièvre and Paul (and all the other Client Perspective contributors) are by The Authors themselves.
Informal photographs of the artists in their studios or homes mostly, open up a chapter, or appear within it, alongside examples of their illustrative work. The contributions of photographers are credited.

This, The Authors first published book on the subject of Illustration, is their original and their best


Wilder cover

Review of WILDER (a book of 21 fashion knits for women)

By Kim Hargreaves
Edition: Paperback
Publication: April 2016
ISBN: 9781906487256
Size: 215 x 280 mm
Pages: 105
RRP Price: £17.95 Amazon


LAKE from the knitting pattern book called 'Wilder' by Kim Hargreaves

LAKE from the knitting pattern book called ‘Wilder’ by Kim Hargreaves

SONG from the knitting pattern book called 'Wilder' by Kim Hargreaves

SONG from the knitting pattern book called ‘Wilder’ by Kim Hargreaves

PRAIRIE from the knitting pattern book called 'Wilder' by Kim Hargreaves

PRAIRIE from the knitting pattern book called ‘Wilder’ by Kim Hargreaves

TSS Says:

21 Knit or crochet patterns to make women’s knitted fashion pieces i.e. LAKE (a long line tunic with deep vents); SONG (a semi fitted sweater with cables and braids); WEST (a lacy scarf), PRAIRIE (a sweater with eyelets and button edgings) and BIRCH (a crochet beret). The ‘how to make’ methods are in the traditional knitting pattern format, with text being black on a white background which means instructions are very clear and makes reading easy on the eye in any daylight setting or under artificial lighting. The design of this book and the photography is extremely pleasing. The three images above are from the book (image source:, you will see that the model is pictured wearing the knitted items in natural outdoor settings in green or farmed fields, or in front of heritage style  buildings and fixtures. The Rowan yarns used are natural i.e. cotton and soft yak, and in colour tones with nature evoking names like Parsley and Sandstone. A must have book for those who love handmade fashion and working with yarn. Recommended




Children’s Picture Books by Tom McLaughlin


I have added a new review of a picture book called Up, Up and Away by Tom McLaughlin, it joins a previously published review of The Cloudspotter by the same author.



ISBN 978-1-4088-5496-9 The Cloudspotter Author – Tom McLaughlin Published by Bloomsbury in hardback – Release date 18 June 2015 RRP £10.99 A Picture StoryBook for children aged up to …

Source: Children’s Picture Books by Tom McLaughlin



100 little crochet

Guest reviewer and crochet worker extraordinaire, Sue P from N W Leicestershire, UK reviews craft title 100 Little Crochet Gifts To Make

Publisher: Search Press
Edition: BC Paperback
Publication: 19 April 2016
ISBN 13/EAN: 9781782213338
Size: 216 x 280 mm
Illustrations: 500
Pages: 240
RRP Price: £12.99

The book cover is bright and colourful, and the mixture of illustrations make it an attraction. It certainly draws attention to anyone who is interested in crochet.

The range of projects is very comprehensive, from toys, hats, jewellery and hearts to name a few. It gives a wide variety to choose from. I particularly like the break down, explaining how to crochet for beginners and the techniques used to help all levels of skill. There is also a variety of yarns used, from very fine to chunky. This makes crocheting more interesting using different textures.

The instructions are well set out and are self explanatory. I also like the coloured illustrations of the finished project on every page. The coloured edge of the pages and numbers one third down is practical and makes it easy to look up. The indexed coloured illustrations at the front gives a quick reference to your project and page required for the instructions. The detailed assembly instructions are set out well and are very detailed.

I think this book has good full colour photos and comprehensive illustrations and would appeal to any craft person interested in crochet from beginners to experienced.


Sue P is pictured right in full crocheting flow!

Thank you so much for a full and thorough review, Sue!

*Also available 100 Little Knitted Gifts to Make

girl vs boy band

Book Review GIRL vs BOY BAND by Harmony Jones

Girl vs Boy Band THE RIGHT TRACK

Author – Harmony Jones

Published by Bloomsbury in Paperback –

Release date 02 June 2016

RRP £6.99

A Children’s Fictional Book – for 12 + years

Overview: The first title in the Girl vs Boy Band series. Lark is twelve and music is her world. Lark secretly writes songs and is always keeping look out for ideas for new lyrics. Mum, Donna, is a music producer and divorced from dad, a session musician, who lives away. The boy band from England, called Abbey Road, are Donna’s new proteges who come to live, study and work alongside Lark and Donna in their LA home. Lark is excited at first, but things do not run smoothly with the boys

Comment and Guide:
Lark is very much the central character and author, Harmony Jones, makes the most of the idea of this young girl being right in the thick of what is deemed as an artistically enriched, glamorous lifestyle. Thus appealing to the adolescent readers who may imagine their idols being close in their own everyday lives, and who daydream, in those quieter moments, of fandom passions around pop star crushes and their music. Yet in the author’s efforts to convey a rather soft moral message about ‘keeping it real’ she decides the way to do it is to make the personalities of the boys rather shallow. Though written in third person perspective, we only get a feel for other characters through the responses of Lark. However, Jones manages to avoid the stereo typifying of a spoiled brat kind of existence for Lark, by introducing melancholy surrounding the marriage split of her parents and the concern Lark has for Donna (and to some degree herself) when involved in music business dramas and legal matters to do with the boys. There we have it! It’ll not win any prize awards for fiction but there is just about enough here to be excited about the continuation of the story in a new title from the series in Summer 2017


High-End Kitchen Business PROVENCALE is TSS BotM for June 2016

After having a face-to-face meeting with Provencale founder, Ian Philliskirk, TSS Ed. decides to profile Ian as well as his company in this Business of the Month article, as Ian is very much the embodiment of the Provencale business

ian philliskirk - founder of Provencale

Ian Philliskirk – founder amd owner of Midland’s based Provencale

About Ian and Provencale
Please meet, Ian, a personable man, a no fuss professional, who has well and truly earned his stripes within the KBB industry. Not just as a business owner but as a fitter, a designer and a planner. He is a small business supporter and commentator and a known community figure in his long established surrounds of South Derbyshire. Ian has 35 years of total involvement in the kitchen industry as a whole. Ian has valued connections with other skilled workers and chooses to deal with only one or two tried and tested suppliers/brands with a reputation for manufacturing quality, and who offer Ian a high standard of customer service that he can pass on to clients

The Product
Complete fitted kitchens including related building works i.e. flooring, lighting etc. and the supply and installing of contemporary domestic style fitted kitchens including taps, sinks, worktops and integrated appliances. Service includes, the designing process and the planning and ongoing project management and customer liaising. Ian also offers handmade, bespoke kitchens

Provencale frontage, Church Street, Swadlincote

Provencale frontage, Church Street, Swadlincote

The Place
Provencale concentrates purely on the domestic market operating within areas of the Midlands UK. The premises/showroom (situated in Swadlincote town centre) has a fully fitted and fully functioning kitchen and visits here are to be made by appointment. Swadlincote is near to the NWLeics/South Derbyshire borders and so is easily accessible from the A42/M42, and the A38 (close to Burton Upon Trent). Ian will also travel out to Midland’s customers directly, his business reaches as far north as the Derbyshire Peaks and drops down as far south as Birmingham

showroom, low light setting

The Price
Choosing Provencale is expensive in comparison to buying your kitchen from Magnet Kitchens as an example (a comparison TSS makes, not Ian). Ian makes no bones about placing himself at this end of the market. He says his kitchen carcasses are MFC and doors are laminated (in the main) using the latest technologies, and, as well as the high-end spec of the kitchen fixtures and fitments, the level of skilled workmanship and the personal service he provides; by involving his clients at every stage, must reflect in the overall costing. It is a complete service


The Promotion

Latest news from Provencale is the addition of Laura Ashley kitchens to the portfolio. Ian says this is a range of beautiful soft colour finishes. Coming soon to Provencale Showroom a Laura Ashley Kitchen installation. Images from a range of Laura Ashley Kitchens above

Swadlincote community

As already mentioned and acknowledging again that Ian is a treasure in his local community, and so a further string to his bow, is that the Provencale showroom, with its fully working kitchen and table and seating space doubles up as a private function space available for hire. For example: workers involved in a local community project have held, and are holding fun and informal meetings there. Provencale and its quaint, off street courtyard setting is often the hub of Swadlincote events, and the kitchen plays hosts to regular cookery demonstrations from local chefs

If you’ve enjoyed getting to know Ian and his kitchen business called Provencale – Visit the Facebook Page and give it a LIKE

Ian and Provencale also receives more positive profiling and showcasing at Houzz


Competition is open to UK Midlands based page likers and sharers of Provencale on Facebook only. When the page arrives at 500 LIKES there will giveaway of TWO luxury food hampers containing local Derbyshire products and some luxury foods. LIKE the page and share the competition post to be in with a chance of winning. Prize winners will be required to visit the Swadlincote showroom to collect their hampers so please ensure that you would be able and free to do so if you happen to be a winner before entering.
Please note: TSS is not operating this competition, if you should have any queries contact Ian directly on 01283 224633 or email