Warburtons Baked Pitta Chips

Ask anyone what is the first thing that comes to mind when you say Warburtons and they will answer ‘bread,’ that is for sure. The UK’s leading independent bakers have recently launched Baked Pitta Chips. Warburtons have taken their skills of baking high quality bread products into the snacking market. These new Baked Pitta Chips have been produced as an alternative premium snack to potato crisps and tortilla corn chips.

Pitta breads are traditionally served with an accompaniment such as houmous; therefore, these snacks have been designed with dipping in mind. They are triangular in shape and not heavily coated in flavourings. With a fresh, natural, bread-like taste these chips are baked to a crisp, almost aerated, texture and so serve perfectly well as a standalone snack.

It is true to say that although these chips are aimed at the premium end of the snacking market, they serve as a satisfactory lunchbox addition and as a fulfilling on the go snack too, when in its single serve pack form. Nevertheless I see the larger sharing bag sizes being more popular; Baked Pitta Chips being emptied in a large bowl for sharing with family and/or friends.

Single serve packs available in three flavours: Chilli Jack, Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar and Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper.

Sharing bags available in four flavours: Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper, Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar, the forever popular Sour Cream & Chive, and lastly the delicious Oriental BBQ which has just the right balance of smoky undertones twinned with a subtle sweetness.

Priced at an RRP of 64p for 40g single serve packs and an RRP of £1.79 for 150g sharing bags these are competitively priced in comparison to other premium snacks on the market. Nutritionally they are only ever so slightly lower in calories and fat than similar BAKED products made from potato, and corn. Note also that Baked Pitta Chips are made with sunflower oil and are Vegetarian Society approved.

This product is awarded FOUR STARS ****


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