Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix from Katie Bakes

In these jars you will find all that is needed to bake a batch of Double Chocolate Chip Cookies. Extra requirements: a small quantity of melted butter and an egg. All that is involved in the preparation is the beating of the ingredients together, then the dropping of spoonfuls of the mix onto a baking sheet and baking. Voila!

Full instructions are printed inside the rustic label attached, together with a full list of the quality ingredients used; these ingredients are perfectly measured and produce cookies that are soft, but not too soft. The chocolate flavour (from the Belgian chocolate), produces a deeply rich tasting chocolate cookie, yet is perfectly sweet.

I like the idea of the little jars because they can be reused. The jars are shiny, and chunky and are useful to store and display many things.

The marvel of this product is, in the first instance, the absolute simplicity of the cookie making, and secondly the thoughtful gift it makes. A jar of cookie mix would make a nice surprise hidden away in the suitcase of a student off to university, providing them with a chance to impress new flat mates with their cooking skills while taking with them a little home comfort. Alternatively a nice idea as a gift for children who like to bake, or for adults who usually choose not too!

Other mixes of the same range include: Chocolate Spotty Dotty Cookie Mix (with real Smarties), Spiced Flapjack Cookie Mix; Gorgeously Gooey Chocolate Brownie Mix and White Chocolate Chip and Cranberry Cookie Mix. The mixes in jars are priced at £8.95 each.

Katie Fairhall owner of Katie Bakes has demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit by making these products available by mail order. Visit for details or for information about stockists and other product ranges.

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This product is awarded FIVE STARS *****

Note: Review also appears among other testimonials on the Katie Bakes website


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