Command™ Brand Strips

Command™ is a trademark of 3M.

The Command™ ranges consist of picture hanging hooks, clips and fasteners for the home, for the office, and for the hanging of specific product/display items. The Command™ website has pages of ideas for uses around the home, and also provides tidying solutions, as well as decorating tips for events and festivals (Click!)

The concept is that the Command™ adhesive strips, included in every pack, takes away the need for nails, screws and tacks.

The Utility Hook reportedly holds up to 2kg (5lb) and is suitable for hanging things like towels, lightweight bags/backpacks, and dressing gowns.

The Picture clips can be used for hanging: office schedules, posters, calendars and pictures without frames, they work similar to double-sided tape.

Picture Clips


The Mini Hooks, which show a capacity of 225 g should hold a couple of small keys or something of a similar weight.

And, as decoration often needs changing, and when celebrations have come to an end, the Command™ adhesive strips are designed to be removed cleanly, leaving no marks. Yet the hooks and clips can be refitted elsewhere as extra adhesive strips are included in each pack, and refills are available too.

I believe the multi function of many of these items highly credible and the ease of fitting them a huge plus. I would like to convey that the website is worth a visit as it provides detailed information about each and every Command™ product, as well as useful tips of where to use specific items and for what purposes, and also includes a demonstration video.

I found, when looking at items online, that the packaging style makes it confusing and difficult to identify items at times. As for overall effectiveness of the strips I believe they serve so many purposes well. The Mini Hooks, for example are ideal to channel electric wires. I tested the fitting and removal of the Utility Hook and was totally successful on both counts. I would not trust the fixing and hanging of anything over a bed or seating area where any detachment could cause injury to the head for instance. I acknowledge that the manufacturer mirrors this same cautionary warning on pack information.

The Adhesive Strips included in all Command™ products is awarded


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