Stockmar Wax Blocks

Stockmar is the German manufacturer of these wax block crayons which contain pure beeswax. I came to learn about the joys of using these wax blocks for arts and crafts purposes when my children were attending a Steiner school. Stockmar designed these crayons to appeal to a child’s senses and to help with the engagement of specific educational principles and particular artistic ideas. These blocks have many uses and have much sensory and aesthetic appeal to people of all ages. Strangely as it seems the availability in the UK has not that wide ranging but are now available at Amazon. Also visit order online, and

These wax crayons are flat shaped cuboids. The performance of these blocks is far superior to the standard wax crayon. They appeal not only to a child’s liking of touching, feeling and grasping but toddlers like to use the tactile qualities of the crayons to collect up and to build with.

I have used these crayons in many community arts projects that I have led; in particular I have encouraged their use with vibrant water colour inks; participants have played around with different wax resist techniques and achieved some surprising results.

The idea is to create a drawing by pressing and rubbing the flat faces of the wax blocks across the paper and to develop the finer details using the corners, and, after blending different colours, the results can be very rewarding. I’ve seen some wonderful geographical features drawn, and the sun depicted in yellow and orange tones big and large on the paper, as well as some wonderful purple/grey night skies. For a an idea of what I am explaining visit

I have also used the wax blocks in family sessions where designs such as portrait painting; mask making, illustrating and simple storybook making, have been all the more enhanced by using these superb little art materials.

Parents, please know your children will love these. 16 blocks in hinged tins they are attractively packaged and therefore make a really nice gift, not just for children but for anyone.

You know when you have found a really special product, one that you use lots and lots and for different reasons, and yet you come to the conclusion on your way that not many people seem to know about it. This is one of those products.

16 Block Set of Stockmar wax crayons is awarded FIVE STARS *****


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