Quackers Collectables

Everyone loves a rubber duck at bath time. A gimmicky twist to the traditional yellow duck is OPAL of London’s Quackers range, where people characteristics can be identified and matched with a particular duck. Therefore, the product is not age specific.
Diamante Duck (the Bird with Bling) for example, comes wearing a silver coloured, linked collar. The collar is sparkly and shiny. Whereas Darling Duck is pink with red hearts and wears a feather boa and is described as a ‘Frivolous Flapper’. Both these elaborate styled ducks would enhance the classic bath time experience along with any one from the twelve or so others available.

Quackers are designed specifically for the novelty gift market and are categorized as ‘collectables’; be aware however, that each duck comes wearing a collar type accessory, as I have already mentioned, that could be a possible choking hazard, and, therefore, these bathing ducks are not suitable for children under 36 months. Boxes carry warnings that instruct the removal of collars before giving to a small child and before placing in water.

Each serves as a funny, thoughtful gift in their own right and they will appeal to the young, teenagers and to adults of any age. If a Quacker were to make up a larger gift and be included along with such things as a shower/bath cap, a long handled bath brush and a couple of bath bombs for instance, this would undoubtedly be a successful choice of present for a male or female.

As is often the case with novelty goods, it is the fun element that makes them more expensive than perhaps something that is much the same but more plain and straightforward. Quackers are currently selling at £6.00 online at www.opal-london.com
Funny, animated ducks, and penguins too, are a humorous attraction for many and for teenage boys in particular!

Ensure any water that seeps inside a Quacker is removed by squeezing and squirting the water back out and it will float around in the water without tipping. My favourite is Harley-Duckyson, the biker style duck that comes with a removable necker, because when its cheeky little number plate bobs up and down amongst the bubbles it can turn the heaviest of frowns upside down and there’s lots of positives to be said if an object, however inconsequential, has that kind of effect.

Quackers are nicely packaged, in a transparent, cubed box, with the Quackers logo and are clearly named. A leaflet is included with details of other Quackers currently selling.

FOUR **** stars awarded for this product’s wide ranging appeal


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