Patchwork Cup and Heart Decorations from Clare Gage

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I welcome the opportunity to feedback about a unique product that is handmade by Derbyshire based designer/maker, Clare Gage.Visit Website

The patchwork cup, like others from this collection, is inspired by textiles and encompasses the natural bend and fold, nip and tuck of woven cloth. Clare transforms these characteristics into individual moulds and cleverly re-creates the features of fabric in porcelain. Each cup is then individually finished with ‘stitches’ which Clare adds by hand.

I was somewhat bemused by my sample piece from the cup collection at first. It is a splendidly uneven and quirky over-sized cup that stands approx 4” (10cm) tall and has a drinking circumference of 14” (approx 36cm). Alice in Wonderland’s crazy tea party immediately came to mind as I thought it not to follow the conventions of a straightforward teacup.

The cups are chunky, solid, and stable – white in colour are glazed internally but have that matt like texture of porcelain on the outside. This type of material has a tendency to stain, however the cups are totally dishwasher safe.

These cups will appeal to kind of people who likes design that is ‘off the wall’ and completely individualistic and who ardently seeks such things. It would be unforgiving if someone were to be unappreciative of all that which the inventive Clare has achieved – because these ceramics are proper keepsake pieces. And although it took further research and reflection for me to fully appreciate the product – I now totally get Clare’s concept!

The cups are packaged in a plain purple gift box and packed in brightly coloured paper straw for protection. Selling at £30 each – this is a balanced and fair price.

Clare Gage Ceramics/Designs are available to buy online at

FIVE STARS awarded

The heart decorations are available in sets of four at (£17), or singularly and personalised on request.The heart faces are decorated with Clare Gage Ceramic’s signature textile design using the same techniques as the patchwork cup I mention above. Each small heart measures 2.75 inches (6.5cm) Long and the same across the longest width. Porcelain finish with wine/purple coloured ribbon to hang. A well made product of quality.


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