The Doktor Power Magic Eraser

This product is a very effective cleaner.

The Magic Eraser is available in a large block that can easily be cut down to a smaller size that is easier to grip. Its dense construction results in a cleaner that requires no liquid cleaning agent or detergent to work. Adding water alone activates a ‘special ingredient’ (and this is all the description/information I have been given in that respect) and it is then ready to use.

Its effectiveness was presented to me firsthand when crayon marks were accidentally scribbled on walls of a workroom in which I ran a community arts project. A parent returned the following day with a magic eraser and simply rubbed the marks away.

Described as a ‘cleaning revolution’, it is said to clean: chrome, plastics, floor; walls, trainers and shoes; fridge/freezers and ovens, and further things like various alloys and items in the garage, bikes etc… yet the evidence that the Magic Eraser can really live up to its name can only be found by putting it to the test around the home.

This product will, undoubtedly, eliminate many scuffs and marks. It is really good in removing things like fingerprints on and around light switches, minor scuff marks found on painted walls and UPVC window/door frames; sticky residue in hard to reach places; grouting that has discoloured (not the mould); as well as stubborn marks on glossy paintwork; dried soapy substances and dirt on flooring tiles/laminate; and watermarks on chrome taps. In other words it removes many of the type of stains and household dirt and marking that tends to linger and is often missed when using more traditional cleaning methods during the weekly clean up routine.

Please note that if a white residue is left on a surface after use that this can be wiped away quite easily using a damp cloth. It must be said that I found the cleaning block ineffective in removing black mould, limescale and heavy, dark coloured scuff marks from walls. Therefore it is not a thoroughly universal cleaner although, to be fair, makers JML do not claim it to be. It is probably the most simplistic and versatile specialized cleaning aid on the market at the moment.

Lastly however, a word of caution, it states on the box to always test on a small inconspicuous area first using light pressure to ensure the surface is suitable for cleaning. This is advisable because the cleaning block randomly removed a patch of paintwork from a wall in my home. It must have been the type of paint used, but this clearly demonstrates it is not completely appropriate to use on all painted walls.

Priced at £4.99 each and available from

FOUR stars ****


2 thoughts on “The Doktor Power Magic Eraser

  1. The special formula of doktor power tackles tough stains as a spot cleaner like tomato, red wine, mustard, coffee, blackcurrant and a whole lot more! i like this product a lot. you can also use it for carpet, curtains and soft furnishing.


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