3M Quick Wax Spray Detailer and 3M Microfiber Detail Cloth (Car Care)

Why Wax a Vehicle? Wax will add a protective layer. Contaminants, especially those dirt particles left after rainfall, will ‘bead’ up on the surface and slide away leaving cleaner, brighter paintwork for longer. Furthermore, the washing of the vehicle the next time will be an easier job.


















Tester’s feedback: It is best to wash and dry off the vehicle before applying 3M’s Quick Wax. Apply approx one or two sprays of Quick Wax per panel. This will leave a misty film/layer. Wipe surface using a soft cloth initially to rid of excess wetness, and then finish by polishing away the wax residue and buffing up the paintwork, ensuring that any marks or excess products are removed using 3M’s Microfiber Detail Cloth.

See ‘How to’ video. Note:The demonstration of how best to use the Quick Wax product and the Detail Cloth (the two products featured in this review) begins at approx 3 minutes 37 seconds in.

3M Quick Wax Results: Tester reports the paintwork finish after using the Quick Wax to be surprisingly good and that it was an easy, quick application that took approx 20mins all in all to wax on and wax off. No smearing or streaks remained. A satisfyingly good example of the familiar beading effect, often visible on newly waxed vehicles, was clearly seen on vehicle’s paintwork the rainy morning that followed.

3M’s Quick Wax formula includes Carnauba. A natural wax, Carnauba is from the leaves of the Palm. Reviewer has not been supplied with other information regarding the formula. Health and Safety: Tester reports no strong odour from the product. 3M states on labeling that a ‘safety data sheet is available for professional user on request’.

3M Microfiber Detail Cloth: Tester says the cloth contributed greatly to the smooth finish achieved on the vehicle. The detail cloth lifted dirt and dust. Packaging information states that the detail cloth does not scratch surfaces and has trapping properties – the Tester found this to be the case. The cloth is made from a mix of polyester and nylon and therefore is not bio degradable. It can be used many times, however it is advisable to wash the cloth after each use at 94 degrees centigrade.

3M Quick Wax Spray is £7.99
3M Microfiber Detail Cloth is £3.99
Purchase online at 3M Car Care and at 3M Select UK prices may differ on sites.



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