Chillax Drinks

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This is a lightly, carbonated soft drink. It is pink in colour, pleasant to pour as it fizzes slightly; with a fruity aroma. And best served chilled as it says on the can. A pleasant party style drink.

The concept is a good idea. Served alone in the can, or over ice in a fancy glass, provides a touch of luxury for social drinker looking for a refreshing, light drink, yet who is wishing to avoid either alcohol, caffeine, and/or sugar.

There is a big online marketing campaign for the product at the moment where much of the emphasis is on the drink’s stress relieving natural ingredients and the benefits of the added vitamins. The natural flavours are mainly from the Rose-Hip juice that is made from concentrate, and from extracts of Passionflower and Chamomile. The vitamins are a blend of Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12, as well as Vitamin C, Niacin, Vitamin E and Pantothenic Acid. Chillax contains no artificial flavours or colouring and so is made up of 100% natural flavours.

With all that is claimed about the naturalness of the product however, it has a rather unnatural aftertaste, largely down to an added sweetener called Sucralose. It is fair to say that drink is certainly on a par with other diet drinks in the respect that all elements are present of that kind of chemically sweetness that some like and others find quite distasteful – so it is all down to a question of taste. It is low in calories, 17 calories per 250ml can.

The claim that Chillax can successfully be used as a mixer for most spirits cannot be verified in this review; nevertheless we can claim that it would make a great addition to an alcoholic or non-alcoholic punch recipe.

250ml sized cans of Chillax are available singularly or in cases of 24. Chillax is currently being sold in bars, cafes, delicatessens and newsagents in the North of England – in particular Harrogate and Leeds. Prices depend on location. Some cafes and delis are selling at £1.50 per single can, while bars in Leeds are pricing at £3.00 for the same. Case size equals 24 cans.




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