Butterfly Mismatch Charm Necklace – Blombos Cave






















Let’s talk about this. This is a classy, upmarket, charm necklace by Edinburgh based artist Hannah Louise Lamb. This jewellery item will go a long way in sending the best of sentiments, or the sincerest thank you, to a cherished woman in your life, whatever her role.

The item has the potential to be the kind of object, because of the qualities and its essential nature, to be a treasured keepsake. It has the possibility of conveying, somewhere down- the- line, the story of the day the giver (gave), and recipient (received) it, and could well serve as a testament of the relationship in wider context.


 This particular design is called a butterfly ‘mismatch’ charm necklace. The chain is 17 inches (43.5cm) long and so sits nicely around the collar bone area. It is made from sterling silver and has two pendants that are placed just over an inch (2.7cm) apart. One pendant is oval shaped, with the butterfly shape cut out, by hand; the other pendant is the dainty shadow of the butterfly. Another lovely feature about this piece is the T-bar and pretty textured link that fastens.

Earrings are also available in the same butterfly ‘mismatch’ theme . I would particularly like to mention the stag cufflinks available also from the same designer – I think these would make an iconic gift for any man.


4 STARS ****




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