Myleene Klass NAILS

The vivacious, Myleene has recently created 7 new designs for her Myleene Klass Nails collection. Each set consists of 24 peel and stick nail wraps of different sizes and 24 transparencies, enough to apply to fingers, and toes if you wish; with a few spares allowing for any slip ups. A nail file is also included in the pack. The packs are £5.99 from UK in Boots, Debenhams, Asda and Wilkinsons and online from JML Direct.

Apply by peeling from the backing paper a self adhesive ‘nail’ and sticking it to a fingernail, or toenail, that best matches in size, the rounded end follows the contours of the cuticle and the excess needs to be filed away. There is no heat required to fix but the process has to be repeated again on the same nail by peeling and applying a further transparent coat wrap over the top of the patterned one. Sounds fiddly, but it is not. It is possible to apply the nail and coat wraps in the same time it would take to paint with nail polish, and then, of course, there is no drying time!

These are amazingly hard wearing actually, unlike nail polish there is no smudging and chipping. You can wash and bathe, do practical work, scratch, pick and nip as one does with their fingers and the wraps will remain looking good for many days. Yet they can be easily removed by peeling away from the nail in an instant. I was skeptical about this product at first. I wondered whether these stickers could emulate the popular trend of heat fixed fashion for nails, or just look silly and tacky once applied. As someone who does art and craft work and a lot of tap tapping on keyboards, frequently, I opt to keep my finger nails short. I tend to pick off polish as soon as it is applied and really dislike the heavy feel of long, acrylic extensions and false nails. I find them immobilizing. I am not a fan of having manicures and pedicures, but having the chance to glam up a bit was great. What I am saying is if you are like me in these regards then you will be really sold on these nail wraps. However, if you are someone who spends a lot of time and money in the nail bars then Myleene Klass Nails may not quite live up to expectation, saying that they would do an excellent cover-up job if required!


16 bright and colourful designs available.


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