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Animal Crayons are unusual, pointy shaped colouring crayons with much child appeal. Each one (six in a box) is approx 4” long (10cm). They are quite chunky so ideal for small hands. Each crayon is topped with a charmingly detailed animal shaped head; all with a cute expression. The colours include bright yellow, orange and red, as well as rich, deep shades of pink, green and blue.
These are made from a cleverly designed plastic which performs much the same as traditional wax crayons. The colour transfers onto the paper easily on application and without much pressure needed, and there is no loss of colour intensity in the process. You can be quite precise and direct because of the pointed end, but also fill, scribble, and blend effortlessly.
Designed to reduce mess the plastic formula does not melt on the hands of the user, and are quite sturdy too and so unlikely to snap, therefore, on both of these counts they certainly out perform some of the cheaper wax crayons on the market. There is also a reduced amount of spent residual bits left on paper than that which wax crayoning leaves.
Reviewer has no further information in regard to the plastic used, but can report that the box states that they are Not for children under 3 years, and has the CE mark and choking hazard Warning and bears the standard precautionary labelling of conformity for art and craft type products such as these.
The presentation is of high quality and the price tag of £3.95 from npw is great value. The packaging illustrates a little yellow bus with windows where each cute face is peering out while ‘riding’. A great little gift for young children from 3 years plus.

npw is the retail division of a leading designer and wholesaler of gifts in the UK and beyond.To order visit the website at
NB. for Wholesale and trade enquiries email alternatively telephone 020 8735 2888 or 020 8735 277



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