Printed Face Masks by Mask-arade

Midlands based ‘Mask-arade’ have not been slow to cash in on their extremely affable invention of making and supplying humorous, face covering masks, that add much entertainment value whatever the occasion or event. They now supply to Next, W H Smith, Clinton’s Cards, Funky Pigeon and Selfridges as well as hundreds of independent retailers and web sites. Personalized photographs can also be turned in to party masks email for details.

The masks are made from stiff card and presented in high quality print. The majority are available in a size that fits an average adult face 300mm(L) and 210mm(W) – elastic length 440mm (approx) , whereas others are styled so the lower part of the face remains uncovered (click here for samples of other half faced masks with a Christmas theme – most of these types are priced at £3.58 each.) Character masks that are geared for children measure 270mm L and 190mm W – elastic length 420mm (approx). Note: The masks are unsuitable for children under 3 years due to the length of elastic.

Two half-faced Christmas themed Masks from Mask-arade


To wear: pull the elastic over the head and position when the eye holes are inline with the eyes.

You could be a celebrity chef this Christmas! Gordon and Jamie Masks by Mask-arade

The masks have a non-flimsy; unbending firmness about them, and the facial image hardly moves, or moves, seemingly, independently from the natural movements of the rest of the body which creates a really funny display for onlookers. The more mask wearers there happens to be in one place the more bizarre the experience is in a visual sense.

Considering how simple a business model this is, Mask-arade have come a long way since their famous  Dragon’s Den TV introduction, because anything gimmicky is always popular and there is absolutely no need for the theme to tire. As long as the designers are quick to respond in the making of new masks as new celebrities move in to the psyche of the general public; there should always be demand. And if the company continues to keep up with changes and with the up and coming events in people lives (large or small) and with the continued production of masks that will allow their clients and customers to engage and contribute in making a celebration, a festival, a party; a concert or show; an exhibition; a press launch, or other occasion more memorable and entertaining by dressing up as befitting characters (famous or otherwise) then everyone is laughing.

Lots of Doms

The masks are presented in polythene bags. For full range, pricing and further information visit the website Tel: 01926 814292 Mobile: 07969 557746 Follow Mask-arade on Facebook and Twitter at @Maskmaker



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