White Glo

Australian brand, White Glo produces a dental whitening range which includes a Night and Day Toothpaste Pack, toothpaste with an extra strong formula for Coffee and Tea Drinkers; as well as bottled mouthwashes in a choice of two flavours.
White Glo is a leader of whitening toothpastes and other oral hygiene products in Australia, but is currently a niche product here in the UK. Boots are now selling, however this was not apparent on my recent visit to Westfield, Derby (though available online http://www.boots.com ), and it will not be too long before White Glo will be a part of the mass market nationwide, because what they offer is something a little different, in particular the unique Night and Day which is two products in one.
White Glo – Night and Day Whitening Toothpaste Pack rrp £4.60 (with anti-stain toothbrush, 100g (65ml) Day Toothpaste and 85g (65ml) Night Gel).
The Day Toothpaste claims to whiten, shine and polish and provides a ‘micro-wax protection shield’ whereas the Night Gel claims to freshen and revitalise the mouth. Both are designed to address different oral care needs during the day and over night to achieve full fluoride protection against tooth decay for 24 hours. Using the two in conjunction there is no doubt the mouth is revitalised, and that, rather than more whiter, the teeth certainly appear more polished and brighter. Reviewer cannot verify in this review that teeth will whiten up with prolonged use, but can acknowledge the fact that both products are pleasant to use and free from that harsh, chemical formulae used by some manufacturers of whitening toothpastes.
White Glo – Coffee & Tea Drinkers Formula rrp £4.07 (pack includes a free anti-stain toothbrush and set of toothpicks).
This toothpaste also has micro wax protection designed to repel new stains caused by coffee and tea drinking, helping to avoid the discolouration and yellowing of the tooth enamel caused by the drinking of such beverages mentioned. A bold claim and reviewer cannot verify in this review that teeth will whiten up with its prolonged use. Consumers should know however, that despite all that is claimed by manufacturers in this regard, that it is debatable that only minimal whitening of the teeth should be expected to be achievable by adopting daily brushing routines with whitening toothpastes alone – however good the product might be in an all round sense.
White Glo – Anti Stain Toothbrushes
Toothbrushes have multi-bristled heads. A well designed toothbrush, purely because of the brush technology presented. No reaches of the mouth are left untouched yet the cleaning action on enamel and gums is sufficiently gentle, yet surprisingly effective. A commendable product.
White Glo – Mouthwash Extra Strong rrp £3.99
White Glo are again focusing on the whitening benefits the use of the mouthwash can bring, this being the removing of biofilm and protein that can cause the yellowing and discolouration of teeth. And, as with all mouthwashes the principle is to add its use to a daily oral care regime that removes bacteria through the daily swilling of highly concentrated wash of liquid with anti-bacterial properties, making the breath fresher. It is reviewer’s opinion that some mouthwashes on the market are too harsh for delicate mouth tissue and she includes White Glo Extra Strong in this assumption. Removing personal opinion the reviewer can appreciate the good quality and presentation of the product and states it is certainly on a par with other mouthwashes available. Also in Mint flavour too. Reviewer acknowledges that her views in regard to the use of mouthwashes do not necessarily apply to White Glo Mint as this has not been tried and tested on this occasion and it is acknowledged the formula may well be a gentler one in comparison.

Overall White Glo hygiene systems are awarded FOUR STARS ****


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