Review of Fine Teas and De-Luxe Ground Coffee – by Northern Tea Merchants

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Award winning Northern Tea Merchants have a somewhat idealistic and well principled approach to the way they do business. Being registered as a Fair-trade importer and with both The Soil Association (UK5) and The Organic Food Federation (UK4), they are able to blend, pack and distribute what they know to be the very best tea, coffee, chocolate and cocoa products.
The business is well established and it supplies locally to areas of North Derbyshire and across the UK as a whole, as well as exporting to wider places of Europe, America and Asia. Agreed, the working ethics is admirable, but much of their longevity is also down to the expertise gathered over time and having passion in regard to the business of merchant trading, with an emphasis on the sourcing of quality products and the provision of excellent customer service. Northern Tea Merchants are web retailers too, selling online at and, for people living and/or visiting Chesterfield there is a shop and a cafe (a visitor attraction in its own right) situated on Chatsworth Road. Visitor’s reviews talk much of the skills, the service and good attitude of staff employed. Testimonials here

It has been a pleasure to be introduced to the company and for me to have opportunity to review three of Northern Tea Merchant’s products which are: Gourmet Classic Tea Bags, Ceylon Tea and Mountain Deluxe Ground Coffee, and for me be able to spread the word about a business that has an interesting story attached, to find out more click on the link Northern Tea Merchants still operates as original style purveyors of fine teas and coffees once did, and their traditional approach to trading of such goods is rare these days.
The Gourmet ‘Classic’ Tea Bags is a blend of Rwandian, Indian, Kenyan and Ceylon Teas. The slogan on the tea chest designed box says ‘IT PAYS TO BUY GOOD TEA’. The tea is excellent in fact; it has a full flavour and is refreshing. People take their tea differently; these gourmet classics can be prepared to any particular preference and will enhance the tea drinking experience. (Note: use boiling water for best results). Reviewer believes it to be a far superior tea than many of the well known brands.
The Ceylon Tea is a leaf tea, this has a ‘full on’ flavour and exudes the strong, unmistakable fragrance of tea when brewing. A beautiful, traditional tea, perhaps not the best choice if your preference is a lighter, more scented variety. (Note: use boiling water for best results). This leaf tea is presented in gold foil pack and would make a discerning gift.
The Mountain Deluxe Ground Coffee Reviewer is a self confessed snob when it comes to buying, preparing and drinking coffee, and so confirms, with confidence, that this coffee is simply the best money can buy. It was suggested, for the trial, that if the coffee is made in a cafetiere, to dose it with one dessertspoonful per person, and one for the pot. Then to allow 3 – 5 minutes brew time before plunging, depending on the desired strength. Best not to stir the cafetiere, as this could ruin the flavour of the coffee, simply pour the boiling water on the top and let the grounds float on the surface then to p l u n g e when ready! Reviewer followed instructions to the book, but, admittedly, did heap up the dessertspoons as a strong coffee was desired. A fabulous coffee, packaged in classy, silver foil coffee bags.




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