Etoile Teapot by Bombay Duck

Bombay Duck makes and sells home ware items, accessories and gifts in the main, all of which are uniquely charming. Their collections are, as they say on the website, ‘more than just trinkets and trimmings’. The website is here and a catalogue is also available on request.

The items are of boutique style; yet do not come with hefty price tags. Designs are original; with every item or piece distinctly falling and fitting in line with the very nature of the business as was always intended, with a tight rein kept on maintaining a strong focus, this being the selling of items that are a little bit different, expertly designed and manufactured, and nicely presented.

The Etoile tableware range represents very well the kind of standard and originality of Bombay Duck. The white glazing is classy, and its appeal is timeless.

The Bombay Duck Etoile teapot is on review here and is priced at £16 

The teapot is a classic shape and features a large, scroll curved and ridged handle. The decorative ring of raised spots around the lid’s inset and the indented pattern around the teapot’s base signify the Etoile design. Evidence of the unevenness of the clay prior to firing remains, and other deliberate imperfections to the finish around the spots gives that same kind of distressed look similar to paint techniques used on wood, therefore achieving the desired vintage, slightly aged appearance. Stamped up as ‘bombay duck LONDON’ –This item is just great, ideal for both practical use and for display purposes and would make an ideal gift and for that reason is awarded:

Other items available in the Etoile Range include Etoile Cake Stand White £26 and Etoile Mug Tree with 6 Mugs assorted colours £36


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