GIFTS FOR HER a selection by TSS Reviews

‘To those of us who knew the pain
Of valentines that never came’…lyrics by Janis Ian (Artist)

Gifts for Her, and under the microscope at TSS Reviews is:
1. Knighsbridge Cushion – £20.99 available at
2. Folklore Cushion and Polka Dot Cushion – machine knitted and hand finished £49.00 and £42.00 respectively available at Seek and Adore
3. Love Lip Balm – A wild cherry flavoured lip balm in presentation booklet £5.95 available at NPW
4. Love in Motion – a sterling silver necklace from the ‘sphere of love’ collection. RRP £53.90 available at


1. Knightsbridge Cushion

Knightsbridge Cushion in RED has a large jeweled centre.

Women have a strange passion for cushions. This is a glitzy, glamorous item. Price £20.99 from the website. It is available in black too

Cushion Couture is an online retail company founded in 2008, selling cushions with many styles and to suit most tastes and at affordable prices. The company are also stockists of designer bed linens such as Kylie at Home which are 20% discounted. TSS Reviews found the website relatively easy to navigate and communication to be first class.


2. Folklore Hearts and Polka Dot Red cushions are machined knitted and hand finished by designer/maker Isobel Anderson and available to buy at www.seekandadore.comat £49.00 and £42.00 respectively. The Folklore Hearts is a cushion made using a mercerised cotton yarn and has a cream background with a red/black pattern of adapted folk art motifs which include heart shapes. The Polka Dot Red is a spot effect cushion with ‘knitted in’ glass beads, in white, to contrast. Both cushion covers can be hand washed and both have a feather filled pad with shell buttons to fasten. Fokelore is available in pink and grey versions and Polka is available in blue shades email for more information.

Folklore design at

Seek and Adore is an online business that allows us, the consumers, to discover unique and lovely items and it strives to highlight the work of individual designer makers. The website is professional, responsive and extensive, it features the artists and provides detailed product overview. Product shots are of the highest quality.


2aa1525a-f4b0-469f-b921-4c31291788ef3. Love Lip Balm – Wild Cherry is a bright, deeply pink coloured lip balm that adds subtle colour and shine to lips when applied. It is available online. The balm is non greasy and has a pleasant cherry like fragrance that is not too strong, nevertheless, as with all cosmetic products, attention should be given to ingredients that could be a potential irritant. It can not be verified in this review that the product has effective moisturizing and nourishing qualities as claimed, nonetheless the product is eye catching and fun because of the presentation. It looks everything like a lipstick does, outer design is mix of plain pink, and pink and white dots and stripes, top comes off and the balm winds up and down. The card in which it slots is a presentation booklet with room to write a personal message. Dimensions are 80mm x 120mm x 24mm. Amusing message on the front reads: ‘I can do without…LOVE Chocolates Poems LINGERIE Flowers Blah Blah …(but not without a little love balm). We think this would be a nice gift idea from a friend to a friend; or from a teenage boy who is a little shy of expressing overly romantic sentiments to a girlfriend, or potential girlfriend! Reasonably priced too.

npw is the retail division of a leading designer and wholesaler of gifts in the UK and beyond.To order visit the website at
NB. for Wholesale and trade enquiries email alternatively telephone 020 8735 2888 or 020 8735 277


4. Love in Motion is a Sterling Silver pendant with 18k Gold plating on a 16″-18″ silver chain. It is a design for the Sphere of Love collection. Available online at and currently discounted, selling at £53.90 as at 05/02/2013, with an unconfirmed weight of 300.00 grams including packaging. The item is dainty and beautifully shiny. The chain is a thin, flat linked style and at 18 inches traces the neck line and hangs down from the base of the neck by a couple of inches or so. The heart is small, but has a chunky, locket type appearance with a depth of approx 5mm in which 10 little stars are cut out and markings are imprinted. The front face has a small heart cutaway to reveal what is intended to resemble inner workings in a mechanical sense – a tiny cog and wheel. These intricate little enhancements are made from 18k Gold plating, and on the reverse face the words Love in Motion are ‘written’.
The experience of receiving one of these items as a gift is made all the more special by the gift packaging, in particular the metallic Red Sphere shaped box which resembles a Christmas tree bauble when you first see it. This can be twisted and pulled in half to reveal two half spheres with silver satin style inlays. Inside is the pendant, plus a milk chocolate shaped heart. Both items are ribbon tied in individual, organza bags. And that is not all! Everything is packaged in a white cubed shaped cardboard box; together with small card that gives the name and collection as well as a red gift bag. We think, particularly because of the fact most of us are experiencing a period of austerity, that this is an ideal jewellery gift as it could be regarded as too elaborate an item to buy for oneself. We believe that most women, (and of any age), would be just a little bit thrilled with the luxury of receiving. The item has quality enough to be a valued keepsake and can be considered a symbol of ones love, friendship and thankfulness. It is hard to gauge whether on not these are slightly overpriced, but we concluded after comparing and further consideration that, particularly with the discount offer currently running, this is a fair price. Other collections include Sphere of Life Glam and Sphere of Life Cute.



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