Granola – review of three recipes from Dorset Cereals

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Each box will make up to 15 servings. These cereals are not suitable for under 3s

chocolate granola & macadamia nuts 600g priced around £3.99
Has the most indulgent recipe ingredients out of the three featured in this review and anything that can be Fairtrade, is Fairtrade, namely the cane sugars and golden syrups, the dark cocoa chocolate (containing 70% cocoa solids minimum) and the cocoa butter. Other ingredients include oats, sunflower seeds, barley flakes and, of course, macadamia nuts. This granola has a slightly moist texture and the chopped macadamia nuts gives it more of a nibble and a munch-like texture, than the other two recipes on review which are more crunchy as you might expect. The dark chocolate brings about a richness that when served in a bowl with single or double cream poured on or sprinkled on top of vanilla ice-cream could perfectly well pass for an after dinner dessert. Taste wise this was a favourite amongst the TSS testers.

elderflower@blackcurrant granola 550g priced around £3.99 (Limited Edition)
This granola was developed from the ideas of competition winner, Tina Mansfield. The company ran the competition on Facebook to find a new recipe and it was she who came up with concept of the Elderflower and Blackcurrant combination. Therefore, this has turned out to be Dorset Cereals’ first limited edition. The texture is crumbly, like a flap jack that does not quite hold together. The basic mix of oats, barley flakes and sunflower seeds appears again, but this time with blackcurrants and strawberries that are freeze dried, and elderflower too, as well as elderflower cordial from makers Bottlegreen. The flavours really work and we feel it should join the cereal range as standard. This cereal too was equally as popular with our testers as the previous recipe reviewed.

honey granola 600g priced around £3.99
Lastly, we feature a granola that is packed with both sunflower and pumpkin seeds and almond and pecan nuts. All of these are baked with Honey and oats and rye flakes with just a little natural extract of vanilla added. This makes this recipe much drier, looser mix in the bowl in comparison to the other two and more crunching and grinding of the teeth is required when eating. This, as with other granolas from Dorset Cereals, is good straight from the box, with milk or yoghurt (and any dairy-free alternatives) and with fresh, dried or tinned fruit.TSS Testers rated honey granola of high quality in taste and texture too. NB Rowse Honey of Oxford supplies the honey used in the honey granola recipe and Dorset Cereals is supporting their Save the Honey Bee campaign.

Reviews of breakfast cereals are favoured reads, even though cereal is an everyday item and in a saturated market it sits, we feel it is an important product for people and that they will take time to research, consider and compare what is available out there. Breakfast is regarded by many as the most important meal of the day and we believe consumers pay more attention to the content of things eaten first thing in the morning than at any other time. Labels that detail the nutritional value and salt, fat and sugar content are highly scrutinized and good websites that relate to the subject are popular. Dorset Cereals’ make premium Muesli, Granola, Porridge, Bars and flakes. Website is here with details of Where to Buy. The company use high standard wholegrains that are health promoting and tasty. Recipes are Vegetarian Society Approved and some recipes ‘suitable for vegans’. Dorset Cereals have achieved gold medals not just for taste, but for design and packaging. Packs are made from card that is unbleached and 100% recycled fibre, each pack contains an inner bag to keep contents as fresh as possible.



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