Children’s Party Bags by Katie Bakes

Five stars awarded for these cookie mixes produced by Katie Bakes. A White Chocolate Chip Cookie mix comes inside party bags suitable for young guests to take home at the end of a birthday party, available

At home the recipient can make approximately seven decent sized cookies that have a really nice texture and perfect sweetness, with just the addition of just 40g melted butter and one beaten egg to the mix and by following the simple instructions included.

Much attention goes to the presentation of the bags as they are little gifts. The packaging is made from plain, unbleached card with a flap over top tied with an attractive ribbon bow in pink or blue. The labeling has a choice of seven themes NB: minimum order of 8 of the same design. Themes are: fairy, heart, pirate, dinosaur, fairy castle, robots and union jack. The decoration of the label and the message are in colours and text that are complimentary to the chosen design. Inside each pack is the cookie mix in a sealed bag.

Personalised Party Bags: includes the name of the birthday girl or boy in the opening line, ‘Thank you for coming to —name—- party. He/She hopes that you enjoy making these cookies at home.’ Price £3.50 each (minimum order of 8) plus £5.95 postage and packing UK Mainland

Non-personalised Party Bags: includes a ‘Thank you for coming to my party’ message. Price £3.20 each (minimum order of 8) plus £5.95 postage and packing UK Mainland

Details of how to order the party bags here

All mixes are suitable for vegetarians and there is a gluten free option available. Ingredients may contain traces of nuts.

Parents will really like the idea of buying these in as take home gifts for their children’s friends. The idea is that the gesture offers a treat and an activity all in one and is excellent value for money. It eliminates the work involved in having to shop and make up party bags. These occasions can be extremely busy anyway and the work is done for you. In regard to parents of those who receive them as take home gifts, well, they will be happy with this as an alternative, because, with no bag, there is no cause to remove sweets that contain things they do not allow their children as a rule. It is questionable whether or not the boys and girls themselves will be equally impressed with their gift. There may be the odd child who pooh-poohs the idea, having being robbed of the excitement of seeing what’s inside their bag. Nevertheless the majority of children will appreciate them and will enjoy the more prolonged enjoyment the gift offers.


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