As with all cordial type drinks this has to be diluted with water to taste; once made up, this red cherry and vanilla flavoured cordial has an underlying taste of sour cherries, (like those old fashioned boiled sweets from the sweet shop). The sourness is balanced by the addition of vanilla, resulting in a flavour that is deeply smooth rather than full-on fruity. One 500ml bottle can make up to 5.5 litres.

The sweetness and flavour of this particular recipe derives from ingredients which include sugar and red cherry juice (from concentrate) in the main. Subsequently, flavourings and colours are all natural, and sweetening is not artificial. As a guide: 100ml (with a ratio of approx 1 part cordial to 10 parts water) has 27 calories. Sugar content is, and to quote from the website: ‘a combination of natural sugar derived from the fruit juice and a small amount of added sugar’. Labeling on the bottle itself implies sugar content is less in comparison to most apple and orange juices on the market; but this is a little unfair as Bottlegreen are not directly comparing a like for like product.

Whether served hot or cold the drinking experience is a pleasant one. It is true to say there is something decently good about the product. It has a natural taste. The bottle’s shape, colour and design conveys a sense of affordable luxury (around £2.99) and is a treat for everyday, an ideal accompaniment to picnic food and makes an excellent hamper style gift.

Our testers agree that Bottlegreen have perfected this red cherry and vanilla recipe and that it deserves to move from its current Limited Edition status and join the Bottlegreen family.

As the manufacturer of such high quality drinks Bottlegreen also supplies other businesses with their products, these are, in turn, used in production processes to flavour their own brands of foods.Dorset Cereals for example have used the Bottlegreen’s elderflower cordial to flavour their own recent limited edition item, an Elderflower and Blackcurrant granola.

Bottlegreen has an honest and admirable story behind its origin and has expanded, over the years, from producing solely the original elderflower cordial already mentioned, to the production of many varieties of sophisticated type soft drinks. The award winning Gloucestershire based company supplies to all major supermarkets in the UK and further afield in other countries.


3 thoughts on “RED CHERRY & VANILLA CORDIAL by Bottlegreen

  1. Hi Francisca, the cordial was reviewed in spring 2012 and this item was a limited edition back then. We thought it should become a regular seller but seems the company didn’t agree. And Bottlegreen Drinks no longer have their own website it seems – so see why it has been hard for you to find out any information about it. Thanks for commenting 🙂


    1. Hi Debra, thanks for your reply. Yes, Bottlegreen does have a website and I contacted them exactly because I saw a récipe there using this cordial and some others which I couldn’t find. It is so silly to post recipes with ingredientes that can hardly be found….. I should have just given it up. They told me that it can be found at Sainsburys and Waitrose but the ones we have here are small so maybe that is the reason why I didn’t find it. I found the Pommegranate and Elderflower cordial though. The Strawberry one can be bought from Ocado, not expensive and from Amazon but ridiculously expensive. Thanks once more…. Francisca


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