GIFTS FOR HER (2) a selection by TSS Reviews

This is TSS Review’s second review feature with a ‘Gifts for Her’ theme.
The following product items are under the microscope:

1. ‘Pamper me’ Bathing Gift – a boxed collection of bath, shower and body products £35.00 available online at Nougat London
2. Bath Truffles – a set of 4 bath truffles (boxed) £9.99 available online at Studio 61 Gallery
3. Love Hearts Cushions – £11.99 available online at Cushion Couture

1. ‘Pamper me’ Bathing Gift – Tuberose and Jasmine by NOUGAT LONDON
This collection of bathing items is highly presented in a brass hinged, ballet style box which measures approx 26cm (10”) W 23cm (9”) L and 10cm (4”) Deep. The re useable box is made from heavy cardboard and covered in a pretty design that is primarily pastel pink and white, with contrasting flowers in pink, white and grey – the lid of the box illustrates the trio of products inside and a blonde haired woman relaxing.The carry handle is a pink cotton-weave band. Inside is clear plastic packaging that displays the three products. In the middle is a chunky decanter jar with stopper (shaped like an oversized scent bottle), containing Bath Velvet 500ml, and two small plastic bottles sits either side of this centrepiece, one containing shower gel 100ml and the other body soufflé 100ml. NOTE: ‘Pamper me’ products are NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS.
The BATH VELVET is opaque and pale pink in colour and the glass bottle that holds it is a timeless, Victoriana style vessel that suggests femininity and glamour, and which ‘decants’ rather than pours a gentle rose scented liquid into warm running water, resulting in bathing experience that incorporates fragranced bathwater and foamy bubbles that are long lasting. Labelling does not state that Bath Velvet has been dermatologically tested. Product contains extracts of Vitamins E and B5. Skin definitely feels soft and delicately perfumed after use. The BODY SOUFFLE is a white, thick substance that resembles whipped up marshmallow in texture. Ingredients include mallow extract, and Wheatgerm Oil. The soufflé has a strong, traditional rose aroma about it that seems very familiar, as many beauty products of varying quality and price run with this same underlying fragrance. Nevertheless there is nothing cheap or inferior about this product, it is effective on the skin after massaging in, leaving skin feeling velvety and smooth just as Nougat claims. This bathing trio is rather let down however, by the third item in the set, the MOISTURISING SHOWER GEL which is more a liquid soap than a gel. We feel that Rose and jasmine is not a favourable fragrance for showering as perhaps it might be for the bath. The gel does not bubble up much in use, which is fine as is probably without SLS kind of substances that makes that happen. The showering experience is not luxurious and is a little disappointing. The gel is very mild and gentle which is a plus point. The bottle is quite small and precious content can run out and be washed down the drain straightaway if not careful on application, so is an expensive waste.
We realise many of Nougat’s collections are presented in traditional, feminine pampering- style themes but if some bottles, where appropriate, were to include pump action application we feel it would be an improvement. Pamper me bathing gifts sets are also available in Fig and Pink Cedar and Cherry Blossom scents. Price £35.00 from the website here

Nougat London is over 20 years established as a sophisticated fashion label. In 2000 the company launched their bath and body pampering gifts and home products which include room scents and candles. Only the finest ingredients are used in manufacture of the Nougat brand, and, as already mentioned, none are tested on animals. Many independent fashion and gift shops throughout the UK are stockists as well as some department stores. Collections available online, postage and packing charges apply.


2. Bath Truffles
A set of four handmade bath truffles, each one is the size of a chocolate truffle as a guide. All hand rolled using cocoa butter and essential oils predominantly. Priced at £9.99.
Fizzing occurs when a truffle is dropped in to warm bath water because of the bicarbonate of soda present, and, although ingredients are 100% natural, attention should be given to anything that could be a potential irritant. The truffle dissolves within a couple of minutes of so. These little truffles are too small for smell molecules to fragrance such a large mass of water, but the essential oil and the skin softening agents are, in our view, just right for skin to feel moisturised for hours after bathing. The bath can be rinsed easily with no hard to clean oily residue left or staining to remove, anything of a larger size could make the bath messy. As well as being well made these cute and quirky little bath truffles are beneficial to the skin and are fun items at bath time, and popular with people of all ages.
From Nougat’s base in London’s West End to Karina Goodman’s Studio 61 Working Art Studio & Gallery in the Derbyshire Dales – we like to feature UK independents as well as the well known. Karina has many strands to her business she is a 2D/3D artist with much of her work inspired by the seaside. She runs Studio 61 as an online gift boutique and has developed branded products that include the Bath Body Boudoir range. Artists, designer/makers work and exhibit at the studio situated in Holloway, near Matlock, as well Studio 61 offers printing services for Artists details at wwwstudio61printing.


3. Love Hearts Cushions by Cushion Couture

Price £11.99 . Also available in an assortment of colours and different messages.

Founded in 2008 Cushion Couture is an online stockist of soft furnishings and there is a shop at the Manchester Arndale that are competitively priced. We have found that communication and service to be extremely good.


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