Review of two luxury candle products by Sandy Bay (London)

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If you are going to spend time, energy and money on making and promoting your product then do as they do at Sandy Bay (London)

The product: high-end branded, luxury candles. Hand-poured paraffin wax in elegant glass jars with high gloss finishes. All are fragranced with essential oils, each with a lead free wick. Larger candles packaged in hat-box style cartons. Items presented in shiny gift bags, ribbon ties, tissue paper, and gift cards. All collections and packaging are in various mixes of black/white/cream/gold/silver colours in the main – Made in the UK

The place: Available online at for national and international customers. All major credit cards accepted, and through secure payment gateway services provided by Sage Pay

The price: in line with other designer labels selling in the luxury goods marketplace. One of our testers made the point that if you have the money to spend on luxury candles, then these are definitely the candles to buy

The Promotion: after one year of trading the company have gifted at high profile charity events supported by A-list celebrities, advertised in glossy magazines aimed at those living glamorous lifestyles; exhibited at large trade fairs; partnered with businesses that offer exclusivity and membership-only type services, and retailing outlets (online or otherwise) selling consumer goods for the luxury market. Also the company is working in partnership with The Army & Navy Club (of which HM the Queen is patron) and whose 175th anniversary celebration event this year, 2012, are close in line with the Diamond Jubilee.

The entrepreneurial Sandy Burns, Director of Sandy Bay (London) Limited knows her marketplace. More importantly, she has a great product, of which she is very proud and she has the confidence in allowing others, like us at TSS, to tell you about it. We have pleasure in feeding back on two of Sandy Bay London’s top selling candle products Pomegranate Rouge and White Tea, Lily & Wisteria

Pomegranate Rouge 30cl Black Gloss £25.00

The glass jar stands approx 9cm tall and has a 25cm circumference. After lighting, the flame dies down, it does not burn away ferociously nor ‘smoke’ and it does not exorcize a heavy scent mixed with carbon that makes the eyes smart and gets to the back of the throat. So what does it do? It omits a fragrance that is subtle, yet is all encompassing. The scent is best described as that of a classy, French perfume, there are fruity notes and spicy undertones present, if you inhale at close quarters; the mind clears and the body relaxes. We are told that materials used to make the candles are premium and expensive and this definitely reflects in the quality of the finished product. The black, high gloss jar with gold label fits with any decor or occasion. The item is packaged in a sophisticated hat-box style cylinder, in black (recyclable) with gold detail and topped with a black ribbon, gift wrapped in black tissue paper in a glossy, black gift bag. The repeat of the black theme really works, nothing is tacky here, and everything about the product and presentation is luxury in the true sense of the word.

White Tea, Lily & Wisteria (White Gloss Mini) £7.99
This white gloss jar stands approx 6cm tall and has a circumference of 17cm. As with all candles in the Sandy Bay collections are filled with fragranced paraffin wax. The company says paraffin wax proves to burn better than other alternatives – we do not have enough evidence to prove to the contrary. We see these mini jars being ideal for table settings at weddings and parties, summer conferences, etc. Chunky, and, once burning, glows opaquely though the glass, and again classic in presentation and packaged in white gift bag, with cream coloured ribbon ties and silver dotted tissue paper. Scent is sweeter than the Pomegranate Rouge, but we feel does not enthrall in quite the same way, nevertheless these such things are all down to a matter of taste, therefore, as Sandy has such a terrific product and has come so far in just one year of trading…

We award Sandy Bay (London) Candles with *****


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