EFFUSION LAMP – from The Lotus Flower Inc (UK)

The Effusion Lamp will fragrance the whole house, the scent travels from room to room over an approximate time span of 45 minutes. Makers, New Leaf Aromas, claim that ‘the air purification technology destroys all odours and airborne bacteria’. This claim cannot be verified in this review, although we believe it would certainly be effective in replacing cooking and pet smells and other nasty niffs while the lamp is working. The Midnight Iris fragrance oil contains 90% Ethyl Alcohol and so is highly flammable – with Wild Iris, Sandalwood, Patchouli and Vertiver the scent omitted is of a heady, oriental blend and we recommend that the lamp, when in operation, be placed in a room which is uninhabited whilst diffusing- this is purely because the scent is very strong at close quarters. Unlike candle products that burn with a naked flame, the fragrance, scientifically speaking, enters the atmosphere through the conversion of ions.

The lamps are available in many colours and finishes and are tasteful, stand alone pieces when not in use. For Adults only – note the safety warnings on the packs. Available to buy at Amazon UK
Premium Fragrance Lamp Extra Large – Peacock £27.95
Box contains: glass lamp
Plastic funnel
A stone wick assembly
Snuffer cap and Decorative cap
NOTE: Effusion lamp oil 16 fl oz is not included in pack and is sold separately at £11.00 per bottle.

The Peacock: is an exotic green, black, intense blue and clear glass design that resembles the petals of a beautiful oriental flower encased in glass or water. This design is topped with an Art Nouveau style pewter coloured, column cap. The lamp stands approx 7 ½” (18cm) in height.

When using for the first time: the lamp, which is in a kit form that includes the glass jar into which fragrance oil is poured until two thirds full (using funnel supplied); and an assembled stone wick which needs to be positioned as per instructions.

The stone is then covered with the snuffer cap for 20-30mins until the fragrance oil fully saturates the stone through absorption. After removal of the snuffer cap set the stone alight, using a lighted match or similar. Be aware that the flame burns tall – up to approx 4 inches (10 cm) so be sure not to place the lamp too close to a wall or near to any objects at this stage. The flame needs to be blown out after 2-3 minutes of burning or when the flame dies down a little. And, lastly, the decorative, pewter coloured cap should be placed over the stone, but care should be taken as the stone will now be hot.

The fragrance will reach all far corners of the house. To ‘turn off,’ remove the decorative cap, place the snuffer over the stone and replace the decorative cap, once again, for display purposes.

This item was popular with our male testers at TSS Reviews who liked the process of assembling and lighting the lamp particularly. A female TSS contributor made the point that buying the lamp and oils could prove to be good value for money and more successful in comparison to some other popular home fragrance options and methods used.
Lotus Flower Inc (UK) Ltd: retailers and wholesalers of lamp products by New Leaf Aromas. For Wholesale enquiries fill out the online trade enquiry form found under Wholesale information on the website and for sales enquiries email: sales@lotusfloweronline.com



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