Nibblebox – a review of health food snack boxes by

Graze snacks encapsulates peoples’ love of nature and community, of freshness and novelty, and of convenience and indulgence. This opening line may sound more like an advertorial than a review style feature, but it does nicely sum up the concept.

We have all seen the advertisements with the funky marketing style which promotes a friendly, pictographic process, that, when followed step-by-step online you subscribe to the receiving of a Graze box(es) at least once a week (Subscription can be cancelled at any time). To order visit

How it works
Pre-order to receive a delivery as frequently as you wish over the course of one week, on a daily basis, excluding Sundays, and for each subsequent week that follows. In other words you can arrange to receive a delivery once, twice, three times a week, and so on, up to five times, and then for every week thereafter. Graze boxes are delivered to the home or the workplace. First box you buy is £1.89 and for the second two boxes you pay £3.29 each, any subsequent purchase will be £3.79 per box (including delivery).

Graze boxes are rectangular and are designed to fit in a standard letterbox to keep the delivery process simple and to avoid anyone waiting on delivery – no signature required.

Graze Boxes
Each box has a booklet insert (which contains a personalized message and details of nutritional information,) and a paper napkin – all made from biodegradable materials and are 100% recyclable. Two ranges available ‘Healthy’ or ‘Nibble’ and a choice of over 100 health promoting natural food stuffs in mixes, such as nuts, seeds, dried fruits, peanuts, rice and corn snacks, sauces and dips, chocolate drops, olives etc.
Choose four snack style mixes and these make up one box. Each snack is prepared and packed and sealed in a small, plastic punnet that is 80% recyclable. Each punnet measures 4 ½” (11cm) L x 3” (7.5cm) W and is less than 1” (2.5cm) deep. Four punnets make up a complete box.

2 x Nibble Boxes under review are:
Sample 1

The Firecracker – Fiery Seeds – Ancient Forest Nuts – Toffee Apple
Sample 2
Bounty hunter – Hot cross yum – Salsa mexicanos – Green Olives

The general consensus amongst the six testers was that nothing was disliked. Nuts, crackers, seeds had great texture. Spice and salsa, mexicano snacks had just the right amount of kick, and sweet and sour flavours were popular. The chilli olives are deliciously ‘hot.’ And the addition of coconut flakes to a chocolate drop and dried cranberry mix is also worth a mention.

Marketed as healthy snacks, designed to supply vitamin ‘brain food’ for desk bound workers: low in calorie these snacks are an alternative choice for people who may otherwise make the grab for biscuits or crisps when hunger strikes. We report, on this occasion, that our six testers consumed the savoury snacks as intros before eating a main meal, and were served with red wine and soft drinks. The sweeter style snacks were used as dessert pickings note: bounty hunter was served as topping on vanilla ice-cream. We believe that the shared experience of nibbling, tasting and commenting was made all the more enjoyable because of the novelty factor in regard to the presentation and packaging of the items, so we think these prepared snacks are great items for picnics, as accompaniments to celebration drinks, and party food, and not just for daily, workplace environments.

Can specify a nut allergy when ordering


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