Oatie Biscuits and All Butter Shortbread by REIDS of CAITHNESS

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We like specialty biscuits and to see new versions of old recipes, and we like it when food producers experiment with new flavour combinations. Based in Caithness, North Scotland, the Reid family have been producing finest quality biscuits for many years, and promoting biscuits and loaf cakes since 2009. REIDS twin traditional baking of predominantly oat based biscuit recipes with an up to date twist. We present, in this review, the following flavours:
Maple & Pecan, Banoffee, Vanilla & Pecan and Wheatfree Oaties, as well as a selection of time honoured recipes: Honey & Oat biscuits, All Butter Shortbreads and Groaties (handmade oat cakes).

But it is down to that ole cookie really, as to what is preferable in a biscuit recipe. If you have a preference for the coarse and bitty texture pertaining to the use of rolled oats in baked products then you will enjoy all of the following oat style biscuits from the Tartan Range. All featured have a soft texture with some munch-style crunch to them, are various shades of golden brown, and are round and chunky in size and shape.

Tartan Range
The Tartan range consists of a selection of numerous short breads, Oatie bites, and biscuits that have pleasing combinations of fine ingredients.

Tartan is the biscuit family of Maple & Pecan, Vanilla & Pecan, Banoffee and Honey and Oat biscuits as mentioned above and under review. All four recipes include Oats and Wheatflour, butter (or margarine) in their ingredients.

Maple & Pecan: has a sweet, buttery taste, not unlike that of a conventional flapjack recipe made from golden syrup, but hasten to add that the maple flavour is evident. The addition of Pecan nuts gives a plain biscuit recipe, modern day appeal.

Vanilla & Pecan: vanilla always gives food a smooth, mellow kind of sweetness when present. This recipe was a favourite amongst testers.

Banoffee: delightfully sweet,the banana flavour is balanced perfectly with that of the creamy toffee.

Honey and Oat biscuits: a thinner biscuit than the previous three and made using margarine rather than butter so has less fat and therefore contains fewer calories in comparison – has a nice nibble type texture and the heather honey is essential to the exquisiteness of the finished product.

All are available in 150g packs and in cases of 12 to Trade – for Trade Ordering visit the website http://www.reidsofcaithness.com/ or telephone Tel: +44 (0) 1847 893574. Retail Outlets include Waitrose and online retailers/wholesalers of quality foods i.e. hamper sellers, etc. again, visit the website for information about stockists and prices.

The Tartan packaging promotes the product and encapsulates the Scottish link to the place of manufacture, and to natural ingredients used that are synonymous to Scottish culture. The result is simple product items, but which oozes quality, and, therefore, is appealing, not only to the UK market, but internationally too.

Scenic Range : Caithness All Butter Shortbread and Groaties Oat Cakes

Traditional Handmade All Butter Shortbread and Handmade Oatcakes are two food items with a strong Scottish heritage behind them. Groaties (100g) are baked oat thins and are eaten as an alternative to bread or toast, and can be used with savoury items as well as sweet. And All Butter Shortbread (250g) is made from a recipe passed down to Reid’s founder, Donald, from his grandmother, and is still used in the making of this soft, light, award winning shortbread today. Both items are suitable for vegetarians and contain no artificial colouring, flavourings, or preservatives.

Wheatfree Oaties

All of the biscuit items featured contain wheat, gluten and/or milk. Here we introduce Wheatfree Oaties which are available in packs of 8. Ingredients are: Oats, sugar, butter syrup, raising agent E450, bicarbonate of soda (may contain nuts).



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