A Feature Review of Tailored Navy Jacket, Scarf Print Dress and Gold Sunglasses by NEXT

scarf print

…and for anyone who thought we could not do fashion blogging here at TSS Reviews – we will be proving you wrong.

Featuring Navy Jacket £30.00 – Scarf Print Dress £48.00
and Gold Sunglasses £12.50 all from NEXT

Mood Board: before we shopped for our outfit, we created a Mood board on which we layered shades of two colours which are currently dominating the countryside scenery, amongst the greenery, namely blue and yellow. Bluebells are in bloom and the Rapeseed fills the farmer’s fields in the month of May. So we played around with various shades taken from those colour palettes particularly, and added textures synonymous to the nautical world. The nautical theme is timeless, and classy, which we very much like and which Next continue this season to sell under Smart Casual section, with the colours doubling up and sitting under the ‘Jubilee’ umbrella. We especially like the Ponte dresses shown in this pic.



Back to our Mood Board: we also incorporated the idea of water and fluidity and of fauna and other natural things, also man-made items – images of things that made us think of boating, the water’s edge, like ropes and knots and chunky chains etc.

We were not tempted to style our outfit in pastels, despite its popularity. And due to the inclement weather we were deducing that our summer sunshine is being compromised by the rain clouds, so we had decided beforehand, that whatever look we were after, it was definitely going to include a jacket! This much we did know!

THE TAILORED JACKET is lapelled and is a short, slimline style. Navy blue, fully lined and is made from polyester and so can be machined washed at 40 degrees. Two buttons to fasten at the front, banded so allows a slight flare which takes away the formality of the item a little, therefore has endless versatility in regard to occasion or casual wear and an absolute snip at £30.00. Can be made up to be a two part set (with trousers), available in Next stores nationwide, and also online here

THE SCARF PRINT DRESS is made from Viscose 100%, it is feminine and floaty, yet has some weight to it, so the quality shows. We were delighted to find elements of our Mood board in the print design. Dots and lines, and swirls and chains and classic scrolling in a framework – not outwardly nautical, but the kind of connotations found in Naval Regalia nonetheless. Sleeveless, with collar, and five exquisite little gold buttons (like coiled ropes), which fastens the dress down to the waist. A waistband ties at the back; this enhances the shape overall. Colours include a mix of yellow, black, blue, white and red.

available in Next stores nationwide £48.00 as at May 2012, and also online here

GOLD SUNGLASSES £12.50 These are a perfect accessory to the outfit. Aviator style it says, but the traditional gold rims with a dark tint means you do not have to be flying to wear them well!. Presented in a animal print pouch at tillpoint. Available in store at Next or online here

For further coordination we recommend and also


We had a lot of fun compiling this review feature. Thank you to Katie, for modelling in and around the Amphitheatre

To enjoy the full 2012 collections, click onto next.co.uk for stylish summer arrivals.
Find Next on Facebook at facebook.com/nextonline
Follow on Twitter @nextofficial with the hashtag #nextfab500
Find NEXT on Google + search +next


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