featuring Sandtex® Feature Wall Smooth Masonry Paint in Barrier Reef

All colours in the Sandtex® Feature Wall exterior paint collection, are bold and strong and are designed to fit with the trend of connecting outside decor in a similar way as you might approach the decoration of an indoor space.

A clue is in the name ‘Feature Wall,’ and to achieve one, is to balance and unify the use of strong colour. We have to apply the same principles outdoors as we do with our indoor spaces. Altogether skilful planning and design is required in order not to overpower. Therefore, in the same way we might decorate a wall which houses the chimney breast in the living room for example, where the current trend is to be adventurous with pattern and colour of big proportions to make that wall a feature, we are, generally, careful to use plainer and/or neutral tones on the remaining walls in order to tone down the output somewhat.

So take the Barrier Reef for instance (Figure 1), which is a deep, vibrant blue of mid tone, is a new colour and features in Surreal Botanical, which is part of Crown’s SS 2012 Colour Influences (Crown’s trends). It is designed, like others from the range, to be sensitive to the aesthetic qualities of plants and nature as a whole. It is not intended that you opt for these colours to cover the outside walls of your house or indeed a large boundary area made from masonry type materials, although, of course, you can do so if you wish. But what this collection will most definitely do, is compliment a theme, and will enhance an area in your garden whether the space is large or small.

It is advisable to consider firstly the advantages: perhaps you might be building a new purpose built feature from hardcore and wonder if it might be nicer painted in a stunning colour! Alternatively you may be weighing up the benefits of the painting, or the repainting, of existing masonry. These exterior paints could be used as a cover up of say cheap, new brick, for ugly concrete, or a dirty wall, even as a backdrop for climbing or trailing plants and trellis work, however there is also much scope here to get really clever and creative. As the illustrations reveal, it is possible to almost make a room setting outside so extending the living space outdoors. And the exterior walls painted with Sandtex® Feature Wall will weather any storm that comes its way and will look good for many years.

Provides guaranteed protection for 15 years from the elements, because the formula, which the manufacturer Crown Paints Ltd says contains ‘Microseal Technology’ allows water beading to occur thus protecting the surface from water penetration. So, as water evaporates on the surface, the resulting finish is one that is waterproof and dust resistant too. Performance is good, two coats are recommended (especially with dark shades of colour as is presented in this collection).

Sandtex Feature Wall Smooth Masonry Paint RRP at £18.98 for 2.5L Available from B&Q . Visit in store for full collection and also Colour Cards and Tester Pots.
Barrier Reef is one of five shades in the collection. Others are:
• Evening Shadow®
• Sunset Boulevard®
• Lemon Zest®
• Purple Frenzy®

Suitable for most kinds of dry exterior masonry surfaces and to name a few: Concrete; Rendering, Building Blocks, Facing Bricks – but NOT the Common fletton type bricks as they will always need to be exposed to the atmosphere in order to dry out. Also, will cover masonry and emulsion painted surfaces. Check the detailed information on the tins, or with a professional builder if in doubt.
Note: Preparation of the area prior to painting is important. Mould and fungal growth should be treated; loose and flaky materials should be scraped away. Powdery deposits and dust, anything of this type that could interfere with the adhesion of the paint when applied should be brushed or cleaned away beforehand.


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