Review of Still, Cordial, and Pressé style soft drinks by Bottlegreen

Elderflower Season falls in May/June of our yearly calendar in the British Isles. It is the time the elderflowers, in full bloom, are hand-picked by the makers, Bottlegreen, and are blended with water (some varieties blended with spring water from the Cotswolds) to make their famous range of delicate, refreshing drinks.
The company had gone ‘all out’ this spring to celebrate the harvesting of the flower heads by launching a limited edition, sparkling elderflower pressé; and an elderflower cordial, both presented in bespoke glass bottles with floral designs in-keeping with the theme. And, with so many extra reasons for us to celebrate this summertime, the company were attempting to make the most of opportunity to put focus on the eye-catching bottles placed on celebratory tables or al fresco dining throughout the land. Beaten by no other makers of sophisticated, non-alcoholic drinks it could be argued – but beaten by the inclement weather we’ve had to date, well, most likely, as many occasions that people have partied or picnicked outside over the past few weeks have resulted in being nothing short of a wash out.
Note, however, Bottlegreen’s exclusive collection of the limited edition bottles also features opportunity to win prizes; Log on to …And the weather can do nothing to spoil your chances there!
SPARKLING Pressé 750ml
Bottlegreen Elderflower Sparkling Presséis the original sparkling elderflower, but the screw topped, recyclable glass bottle has a Limited Edition design. Blended with carbonated water, has a clean, fresh taste with a light fizz: Contains sugar – 30kcal per 100ml serving.
Can be served with ice and used as a mixer. Ideal for occasions where there is a call for a sparkling non-alcoholic drink. Visit website for availability, pricing information available from stockists.

Bottlegreen Elderflower Cordial – is the original elderflower cordial with its light, delicate qualities in a Limited Edition, recyclable glass bottle. Thirst quenching. Ingredients: sugar, Cotswold spring water, elderflowers, citric acid. Preservative: sulphur dioxide. Dilute to taste. 500mls can make up to 22 small servings.

Bottlegreen Lime & Coconut Cordial – this is an imaginative combination of flavours by Bottlegreen and we agree it has an exotic taste. Coconut water has been blended with lime juice (from concentrate). The coconut flavour dominates and there is only a hint of lime present, but the result is a lusciously smooth drink with a nice fragrance. Dilute to taste in sparkling or ice-cold water, or add to cocktails. Available in Waitrose throughout the year and in Sainsbury’s and Tesco to July priced at £3.15 per 500ml glass bottle (recyclable).

STILL DRINKS – Handbag/Backpack size 330ml
a blend of ingredients that provides a quality, soft drink that requires no dilution. Has a tongue tingling sweetness and has the classically fresh, smooth properties present, as found in all Bottlegreen products. Packaged for convenience, is ideal for a carrying in a handbag, holdall or backpack. Plastic bottles (Recyclable) RRP from £1.29 AS ARE: Apple & Ginger –the flavours in this soft drink are perfectly balanced, the warmth of ginger twins with the sweetness of apple to again, make a great tasting, refreshing drink for summertime enjoyment. NOTE also available in Pomegranate & Elderflower.

All Bottlegreen cordials, Pressé and still drinks are free from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners.

We acknowledge the quality of all these soft drinks featured by awarding Bottlegreen with 5 STARS *****


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