REVIEW of a Roller Blind and the services of madetomeasureblinds-ukdotcom

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The arranging of the review of this item was clear-cut and was an excellent example of when the selling of an item directly to the consumer, via the internet, can be an efficient and an all round positive experience. So it is true to say that (MTM) provides a complete service, largely down to the effectiveness of first-rate communication and the worthiness of particular people skills employed.
The most obvious product this company offers, in a marketing sense, is the supply of contemporary and traditional window blinds that are made to an exact specification. Usual options are available i.e. Venetian, Roller and Roman blinds and in many styles and finishes. Furthermore, as with most businesses who offer bespoke type services, free fabric samples are available on request to help with decision making.
The main indication that came to light in regard to our collaboration, whilst ordering, and the fitting of a roller blind to the front door of my own home (see below), was the emphasis put on the importance of accuracy of choice, the taking of measurements, and other considerations.
Before it was decided which type of blind to review and feature, I simply took a couple of measurements of my window pane. Please note I did not undertake the usual ordering procedures via the website, so I cannot comment on how the customer service team works in respect to operational matters. What I can say is that I received helpful pointers regarding my own queries via email, and many referrals and links back to the in depth information that is available on the website. And where I am sure every answer to every question can be found there, it has to be said that the detail is immense and it is laden with information – that it can send the head spinning trying to take it all in. I hope that the customer service advisor(s) helps to steer one through the selection and ordering process and enable, what could be a complex process, to be relatively simple and stress free.

The Roller blind – Instructions were to take in to account the head rail and how this would, or would not, hinder full opening of the door. Fitting a Roller Blind meant I could get to choose a nice fabric to enhance the interior space. There is a choice of six edges which includes straight, scalloped and turret, with an option to leave as a cut edge or with a co-ordinating braid that pipes the shape. Also the poles and control chains (left or right) are available in various finishes. I measured the width of fabric required, and then added 2.8cm to that width. This was necessary to allow for fabric that would be lost to components when fitted. Blind dependent components are included in the pack.
My order consisted of this:
Fabric: Gloucester Raspberry
Shape: 6 Turret
Pole: N Brass
Control Chain: ANT Antique
Width 63.0cm (Exact)
Drop 100.0cm
Control: Left
Cost: £43.29 plus Vat £8.66 = £51.95 – Delivery: £6.50 (incl VAT) = Total Order Value: £58.45

A 12 month guarantee is offered on all blinds.

I confirm I received the Roller blind on time and it was well packaged. On receipt, the installation guide was not included in the box, but was sent via email attachment separately. The installation guide was helpful. There is reference to the important issue of child safety and an option to fix back the cord with a cleat so that it does not dangle loose.

Seeing the blind fitted demonstrates the importance of relaying accurate window measurements enabling a blind to fit properly, and that taking time to do this provides the best kind of enhanced finish possible, one that would be impossible to match by fitting standard ‘off the peg’ blinds to non-standard sized windows.

***** Five Stars awarded for service and quality of product


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