Accessories by White Leaf

The Product
White Leaf sells fashion accessories on the web to online shoppers and to trade. Ranges include necklaces, bracelets; rings; earrings; hair accessories; scarves (note: handbags are also available). Items are individually labelled and nicely packaged in tones of pastel green, white and grey.
The Price
The collections are not extensive just a few carefully chosen pieces available at good prices. Orders can be direct, through the website with options to pay by Paypal, debit/credit card or cheque. Telephone orders also accepted tel. +44 (0) 161 480 4225
The Place
The website is professional and is presented in the same theme of colours as mentioned above as (the product). The collections are expertly photographed and there are different options as to how to view them.
The Promotion
It is evident that the family members who run this business have identified, very exactingly, their position in the marketplace. Selling online and at Trade Fairs, promoting via social media outlets i.e. Facebook @White_Leaf_co on Twitter and asos online and also valuing the work of bloggers (like us at TSS)  to do the talking. When organising this collaboration, Kate, from White Leaf, said she looked forward to seeing what we had to say about the items under review. The receiving of feedback or suggestions is actively encouraged.
The Review: consists of providing feedback in regard to three fashion accessories (for women). All three commodities have an antique/classic and vintage-like appeal that remains popular and fashionable, and, therefore, suitable for any age. These items are all everyday examples of economically produced costume jewellery and a scarf accessory, sold at a price to suit. Quality wise White Leaf matches that of most fashion sellers on the high street of comparable items as those under review here, and that the extra attention to packing and presentation taken could make for a better purchasing, or gift receiving, experience.
1. Peach Glass Ring in Antique Gold Price £10.95
Half sphere, the effect of cut-glass, in peach – set in a chunky, signet type ring, with brassy, gold coloured finish and that has a section cutaway so the light can travel through. Available in two sizes: as an indication the small size will fit a middle finger of someone of a slim build (6cm aperture).

2. Rose Hair Clip in Antique Bronze Price £14.95
The sparkle studded stem of a rose is fixed to a hair comb (slide). Lots and lots of little paste gems sit in amongst the scrolls of the antique bronze coloured metalwork, which forms the petals, leaves, and the stalk of the flower. The design is reminiscent of the type of brooches pinned on woollens and overcoats, or used to fasten scarves and to decorate hats in and around the 1930s and later. So, has a vintage feel. The metal on the comb is more antique gold in finish, than bronze coloured and is a little flimsy. nevertheless this is probably best as the comb has to fix in hair and so needs to be relatively lightweight to hold in place. Will enhance any ‘put up’ or ‘tie back’ hairstyle, is suitable for everyday wear, for party wear and for special occasions.

The Indian Feather Scarf Price £16.95: Has many vibrant colours and a bold design. Is a dark, royal blue. Pattern conveys richness and opulence – colours and patterns suggest sunflowers and peacocks although those things are not actually present. Design includes bird feathers and flower petals in deep orange and yellow. Is 180 cm long and is approx 70cm wide so has many uses. Other scarf designs include Tropical Bird which is available in blue and pink.

NB: It says on the website that all jewellery designs are made using the finest of silver, bronze and rhodium platings and are nickel free. Each piece of jewellery comes with a white organza bag.



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