A Review of Zaggora HotPants™

I’m Debra. I write this blog, and, where I usually work with a team to trial and test products, the sample supplied on this occasion has made it my job to put it to the test by its very nature, and mine alone.

So I’m feeding back slightly differently this time around, and I will own up, straight away, that I have not had the self discipline or desire to lose weight, enough, to trial this item fully. Nevertheless, what I will do is just that which Zaggora likes people to do, and that is, at their invitation, ‘TELL YOUR STORY!’ Here is mine:

A couple of weeks ago I received a pair of Zaggora HotPants™, to review. My first impression was how unique the product was, and fun too, because my sample pair are the capri style and are bright, cerise pink with an orange trim as those shown in the group picture below. Made from a mix of Neoprene, Polyester and Nylon label – lining has CELU-LITE TECHNOLOGY (Tm). They have the foam/spandex-like resemblance of that of a surfer’s wetsuit to give you an idea of physical appearance. NB Also available in Short and Long styles.
The makers suggest that you wear the HotPants™, while exercising. Exercise activity can be light, but you do have to move from the sofa! Wear them daily while doing household jobs like vacuuming or dusting, or when participating in more strenuous workouts. My first thoughts were that the cost of £55 was quite expensive. Supposedly though, if you compare to the cost of some dietary aids, gym memberships, or exercise classes this could be regarded as a relatively inexpensive way to lose weight, especially if worn in the house alone – and you’d have a gleaming household to boot, with all that rigorous cleaning going down!

The company have tested the physiological responses of people when undertaking their own trials, which have enabled them to come up with a challenge for losing weight that they claim works and they have the stories on their Facebook page as proof of success. They say to wear Hot Pants 2.0 for 30 minutes of exercise each day for two weeks. Before you begin the challenge take measurements of the waist, the hips and the thighs, and then take the measurements again, once the fortnight is up, to compare.

Pull on the HotPants™, and I stress ‘pull on’ is definitely the action! Then get active and warm up and as you do so, the waist, bum and thigh areas will ‘warm up’. NB The information says that Lab tests have demonstrated that in just 30 minutes of exercise, women lost 4 x more weight with HotPants™ than they did when doing the same exercise in standard workout clothes.

For me, well I can confirm whilst wearing HotPants™, that it does heat up the target areas and I know that getting warm (hot) is the very idea, because the principle is to raise the body temperature by up to 18% to burn more calories, nevertheless, I found the item to be quite uncomfortable and that truthfully 30 minutes inside a pair is long enough. I perished the very thought of wearing in my exercise class, firstly because I would overheat for sure, and secondly, my mistiming of the Latin American moves would have been all the more apparent due to the swoosh noise that seems to accompany every movement. I took them along in a bag to class however, and generally my three pals thought the colour too bold and would have thought me very brave to attend class wearing them. I’m not sure if I agree with them in regard to the colour choices. I quite like bright Activewear. Here is the same pair in blue.
Anyway they said if I’d turned up in a black pair they would not necessarily have looked twice, as for the noise, squeaky trainers would have been their first thought!

On a more serious note the three ladies were interested in the concept and were intrigued by details of the challenge. None of them expressed a wish to take it up, but urged that I did, which I might well do when the season changes and the humidity drops.

3 Stars awarded *** Note: the star rating may be revised if the challenge is undertaken fully at a later date and opinion is changed

For more information re: sizes, prices, colours and style visit the website

Best wishes, Debra


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