Review of coffees from the Time of Day range by Paddy and Scott’s






Award winning Paddy and Scott’s is a Suffolk based coffee company that is growing fast. Founders Paddy Bishopp and Scott Russell head a small team who sell retail coffee online, and supply coffee and commercial coffee machines to trade (high end) such as hotels, restaurants, golf clubs, conference centres and offices.

We are quick, in this instance, to champion the products and service the company offers, and, at the risk of sounding rather advertorial in tone, we acknowledge that coffee is a true passion for both men and that this enthusiasm reflects in all areas of the business unit.

Coffee selling is a competitive market. This company have an artisan approach to production and like to show off their expertise, offering barista style tips in regard to serving the coffee. This kind of educational type information can be found on the website, on the actual coffee packs (retail) and on specially arranged open days and events.

Review of three coffees that make up the ‘Time of Day’ Range by Paddy and Scott’s – all are suitable for Cafetieres and filter coffee machines NB. All three are produced using slow roasting techniques of varying heat intensities. All three coffees are £3.79 per 227g supplied in aluminium free coffee bags.

Our testers at TSS prefer coffee to be strong, yet smooth tasting. Therefore with that premise in mind we trialled all three coffee products using an eight cup cafetiere dosed with one gently heaped small coffee scoop per person, plus one for the pot so to speak. So, for three large cups, we put four scoops of coffee in and fill the cafetiere to the top with freshly boiled water, we allow the grounds to float and we do not stir. We deploy the plunger in less than 5 mins each time.

Our Morning Coffee is a medium roasted blend of 100% American Arabica and can be ordered here. This is a great tasting coffee. It manages to fulfil the desired intensity of the coffee taste that we expect from a good coffee, but somehow this is balanced with a mellow undertone with a fruity aroma. It is a clever technique to incorporate the best of both worlds in one blend.

Our All Day Coffee is another medium roasted pure high grown 100% Colombian Arabica and can be ordered here. We agree that this is an easy drinking coffee suitable for any time and any place. Has a pleasing, clean tasting flavour, intensely smooth once again, nutty aroma, with no detection of the acrid aftertaste that some coffees have.

Great with Friends is a dark roasted pure blend of Indonesian and African Arabia beans and can be ordered here. A seriously rich coffee and probably the least favourite of the three from our testers’ points of view as it is particularly strong tasting, is, however, still wonderfully full, perhaps not so smooth, nevertheless has no bitterness and a nice dark chocolate aroma.

Paddy and Scott’s coffees are selling in some supermarkets and other outlets check the website for details as well as to view a range of coffee themed gifts.

*****Five Stars awarded


One thought on “Review of coffees from the Time of Day range by Paddy and Scott’s

  1. Hi there, just a small note to say what a great review and one I have just stumbled across. I obviously love our coffee and spent many many months developing these blends and kind comments like yours make those long days all the more worthwhile.
    I will pass this around our team and Scott I know will also want to say a big thanks.
    From a very humbled coffee roaster

    Paddy Bishopp
    Paddy and Scott’s
    Buy online at uk


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