The Belvia Bra from the Belvia Range

The Belvia bra is a stretchy, pull-over the head and on style bra which has no hooks to fasten. It is lightweight, rouched in the centre, with no underwiring or padding. Machine washable and quick drying (can be tumble dried).

The main plus point about this item is its extreme comfort, another, is that it is almost seam free. The fit, however, can flatten rather than lift, and, where a larger lady may appreciate its ability to disguise bulges the bra provides little support otherwise.

Made from a weave of polyamide and elastane are materials not recognized for good breathability, but are able to stretch to a high degree and still retain shape.


black  white  beige
pastel blue   pastel pink   pastel purple

Chest Sizes
UK             EU      USA
S   30-34   65-75   30-34
M  36-38   80-85   36-38
L   40-42   90-95   40-42

Since the product’s launch in February this year, JML Direct have sold over one million units in the UK.

Price is £12.99 each or £38.97 for a pack of 4 available here.

Other Belvia products include shape wear i.e. briefs and bodysuits, as well as jeans details here

*** Three stars

NB: Draw to WIN a Belvia Bra, Size Medium, Colour-White took place on 20th September. Prize winner Tina Lawton.


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