The Blowing in the Wind Collection – Balagan group TRADE ONLY

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This is a blog post that you could say has a seasonal theme – autumn. We are focusing on one of the Balagan brands called Blowing in the Wind. The collection, as a whole, is made from real leaves that have been preserved within metallic finishes, eight colours all in all including silver, copper and gold. Resulting in individualistic pieces, where the objects (and in this case are handpicked woodland leaves), have been the inspiration behind the design and the creation of some stunning necklaces. Each piece is uniquely, yet subtly different from the next, and each one is, quite simply, a wearable work of art.

Our ‘in the flesh’ sample is a beautifully bold, long-chained silver coloured necklace that is a coated base metal; is anti tarnish and nickel free. The design includes a small maple type leaf approximately 3 inches (8cm) in diameter, with five prongs and most veins ending in a point, all natural features and curling has been captured in its preservation achieved using electroplating techniques, resulting in a bright, soft silver coloured finish. The chain is 36 inches (92cm) approx and is dainty, with tiny silver balls placed ½ inch apart. It is fastened by a clasp and a wider linked, ball-ended chain for adjustment. This design is available in two lengths. Revert to the sellers for pricing information.

This necklace, that is under review, is expressive, it is not what you might describe as a ‘fluffy’ piece, yet it is totally feminine, it catches the light and creates a shimmery effect and would look hugely dramatic worn with black. Is presented in a simple, square shaped cardboard box with a gold label attached to the lid,etched with the words blowing in the wind and a leaf motif.


The Balagan brands are wholesale only. Terms and Conditions here. At present time these consist of 12 varied collections of branded jewellery that are sold to bona fide suppliers operating in the high fashion jewellery sector. A representation of the collections can be found on the website which allows for online ordering NB New clients to establish a trading account first at Telephone sales too, and a catalogue is available. The business, based in Peterborough, houses a showroom which is open all week (by appointment only).

Founder, Rachel Parkin writes for her business columns in both Gifts Today and her local newspaper. Rachel’s website is here. Rachel is an ardent supporter of independent retailing. We share her personal opinion on that score and acknowledge also, that both retailers and suppliers do, very much, need to interrelate more and more, to make those transformations in the high street and return some vibrancy, high quality, and interesting choices to the shopping experience once again.
There are absolutely no negatives in respect of the quality of necklaces from the Blowing in the Wind collection or from what we see of the business operations as a whole.

***** Five Stars awarded


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