Salad Leaves and Salad Dressings by Steve’s Leaves

REVIEW OF Wild Red Rocket & Milder Leaves (50g bags) and 3 Super Salad Dressings (3 x 60g pots)

We have not come across a bag of ready-to-eat salad leaves EVER, where so much attention has been paid to the leaf combination and how that contributes to the eating experience, no matter how the leaves are served. Combining a mix of milder leaves: some of which are fresh and watery tasting; some are salty; some sweet and earthy; some pungent and astringent; some plain bitter and quite sour – something to suit every taste bud in other words, yet with the addition of one of a trio of super salad dressings from the same company, which includes mint and honey; lemon and poppy seed and blackcurrant and white balsamic vinegar, the mouth literally comes alive. Not trying to be pretentiously advertorial but you will not taste anything more fresh and natural in one bowl.

The trio of dressings are:

Fruity Blackcurrant & White Balsamic Vinegar
– Contains blackcurrant puree, water, mustard, the spirit vinegar mentioned, sugar, cornflour, salt . A light dressing, with no oils present yet still coats the leaves nicely and is not too watery. We dressed a side salad however, and we made the mistake of serving alongside some strong flavoured foods and so the gentleness of the flavours could not compete. Great Colour!

Zingy Lemon & Poppy Seed Dressings – Contains rapeseed oil, water, juice and zest of lemon, vinegar (as mentioned), poppy seeds, and salt. Is a beautiful tasting salad dressing recipe. Fresh and natural, and compliments the leaves brilliantly. The most avid salad hater will be converted. A favourite with our testers.

Lively Mint and Honey – Contains rapeseed oil, water, white wine vinegar, sugar, mint-infused sunflower oil, cornflour, parsley, turmeric and concentrated lemon juice. Another salad dressing recipe set aside from the norm, with a dash of this and that added, the result is a dressing with a nice coating consistency and a treat for those taste buds once again.


WHERE TO BUY – available in many supermarkets nationwide, some delicatessens and other food retailers. Click here for A-Z listing
TRADE – if you would like to stock Steve’s Leaves visit the website here

Steve and his team create special habitats on their farms to encourage friendly forms of wildlife.
Leaves are not grown ‘out of season’ and therefore, are not grown under artificial light. Grown all year round either in the UK or abroad.
The business promotes the importance of nutrition by blogging on the subject of healthy lifestyle matters, and by including recipes that are nutritionally balanced on the website at
No chlorine used in the washing and preparation of ‘ready to eat’ salads.



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