Nature’s Essential Oil of Eucalyptus

This product is actually a multiple blend of oils and would not be classed as ‘vegetarian’ if it were for consumption as it contains Emu Oil. For those who choose not to buy items with animal derivatives included this product is not for you. Moving on however, all other oils are plant based and are: Soy, Rosemary; clove buds; Aloe Vera; Lavender; Peppermint and, of course, the Eucalyptus NB. Also contains Tocopherol (vitamin E).

Is a medicinal remedy, historically linked to the Aborigines, where the fat from the Emu is boiled and skimmed (rendered) and then blended in the main with oil from the Eucalyptus and all those other essential oils mentioned, and had multitude of uses back then, as it still does now, such as treating coughs, clearing congestion, and relieving minor muscle and joint aches.

These oils are not cures for underlying health problems, but when rubbed or massaged externally, and liberally, to sore and painful joints and muscles the oil will relax, thus promoting a temporary feeling of well being. This blend can be used too, in aromatherapy, to provide soothing relief that can last many hours and aid restful sleep. As well this product will help relieve the symptoms of chest infections and blocked sinuses that are complications associated with many viruses. Further ideas for use can be found by visiting the website. Please note however, that we cannot comment on the suitability or effectiveness of uses other than those we mention. Nevertheless, we can confirm that this product does appear to ease inflammation naturally, and can be used as an alternative to using Ibuprofen contained in creams and similar base formulas, or for heat rubs (the type used for minor sporting type injuries), in other words, anything of this nature used for similar purposes, designed, specifically, for external application.

Fragrance and Viscosity
The fragrance clears the airways in a similar way as a vapour rub would, but this product is not as strong smelling.  Therefore, could be used daytime without much detection once the oil has been thoroughly massaged in and once the greasiness has been absorbed.

Warning label

As is the case with any essential oil and skin care product any contact with the eye area needs to be avoided and use should be discontinued immediately if a rash occurs. Check first with GP or doctor before using in pregnancy of if under age of six years.

Packaging. Price and Availability
Product is contained in a clear plastic bottle with pump spray. Each 8 fl oz/ 236 mls bottle contains approx 1500 sprays (average use 3-4 sprays per application). Price £18.50. Buy here Also available in 4 oz size at £12.50. For retail orders £20, or more, delivery is free.

This product from The Lotus Flower along with “New Leaf Aromas Home Fragrance Collection” is also available to wholesalers; therefore other sellers, either online, or in stores, in boutiques, and/or in SPAs etc can purchase. Here is the link to the wholesale enquiry form.

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