featuring range of cosmetic contact lenses by Vision Direct

Get set for a scary-eyed view of Halloween, and learn some more about how to make your outfit sensational, with the addition of a pair of cosmetic contact lenses from the Phantasee range by Vision Direct. These are sure to hyper up your Halloween and take the dressing up and the role play to another level.

Find below our suggestions for Phantasee use and a bit of costume co-ordination! Sorry, no actual costumes to model and photograph,  but some fun and imaginative costume ideas given below. Here goes!

The basic costume for all four of the following outfits are – black, polo-necked top or T-shirt and leggings.

Costume 1 The Witch’s Black Cat.
Costume – as above (basic)

Costume enhancements – add a tail made from a feather boa, gloves, and a pair of pointy ears fixed on a hair band. – All items black.

Face paint – black face, white whiskers. Pink tipped nose.

Finish with: the amazing yellow, Phantasee ‘Cats Eye’ lenses and your eyes will become a almost like flashlights in dark shadows!

Cats Eye available in other colours £29.00 per pair (2 lenses)

Costume 2 – either Petrifying Pumpkins or Purple Monsters.

Costume – as above (basic)

Masks – wear a handmade pumpkin mask, or a monster mask (purple), ensure to include jeering, jack-o-lantern type facial features with large cut-outs around the eye area.

Finish with: the fearsomely ‘Scary’ Phantasee lenses, for eyes that will penetrate the soul for those who dare to look!

Other scary and monster styles available – £29.00 (2 lenses)

Costume 3 – Vicious Vampire.

Costume – as above (basic)

Costume enhancement – a large piece of material in black, or purple draped over the shoulders as a cape.

Face paint – Sponge paint white over the entire face, and grey around the eyes. Trace the hairline with black face paint create two arch like curves from both sides to a centre point in  the middle of the forehead. Add dark eye brows and two white fangs with the face paint by drawing two canine teeth down from either side of the mouth, crossing the bottom lip, and down on to the chin, with a little red paint here and there – blood stains.

Finish with: the Vampire eyes that will come alive in front of the very eyes of your friends, and will spook your enemies. Vampire eyes are £29.00 per pair

Costume 4 -Green n’ Warty Witch.

Costume – as above (basic)

Costume enhancement – a black skirt and a pair of stripy socks, a witch’s hat made from thin black card (or shop bought).

Face paint – Sponge paint green over the entire face. Add a black spider on a web across one cheek and a few warts (use crispy rice pieces and stick to the face). Dark lips.

Finish with: UV glow (Green) and you’d not only be the one with green eyes, as you’re sure to win the prize for being the best Cauldron Queen in the fancy dress competition.

Glow/UV available in 4 other colours £39.00 per pair (2 lenses)

These are just a few styles taken from the extensive range of Phantasee/Halloween cosmetic lenses. Visit the website for further pics and information

Phantasee sets of fancy lenses are simple, non-prescription, coloured contacts, but are NOT a cheap alternative or inferior to any other soft contact lens products sold by reputable online retailer Vision Direct

NB. Phantasee lenses consist of 2 soft contact lenses each in a small bottle containing 45% water, 55% Terpolymer immersed in sterile buffered saline solution.

TSS can confirm that, as is the case with any annual replacement lenses, they do require maintenance and cleaning and should be used with due care and attention. It is recommended that Vision Direct’s own Multi-Use cleaner is used to clean and disinfect the lenses, and that a lens case be used for  care and protection – as cleanliness is the key. Vision Direct – Multi-use 360ml + FREE lens case

This is an advertorial blog feature and not a review as we have not trialed the Phantasee lenses, therefore, we are unable to comment on matters to do with ease of use or comfort of wear. We strongly stress that users be fully informed about precautionary matters relating to the product. Vision Direct have a dedicated Phantasee FAQ page

As an extra to this feature we would like to briefly outline the preparation instructions so it is possible to assess what is entailed, we emphasize that these be followed diligently:

  • Wash and dry hands. Take the lens in the palm of the hand – add 5-10 drops of Vision Direct Multi-Use and rub on both sides gently, rinse the lens with multi-use or saline, place lens in lens case. Repeat procedure with the other lens.
  • Fill the lens case with Multi-use, close, and allow soaking for 4 hours or more. Lens is ready to wear.
  • NB. If eye irritation occurs, consult a specialist.
  • test face paint first – re skin allergy or reaction



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