proper porridge packs by Dorset Cereals


REVIEW OF proper porridge and proper raspberry porridge

Porridge packs by Dorset Cereals have recently received a new makeover, and we have pleasure in awarding five shiny stars once again, this time for the producing of porridge recipes made from natural ingredients, mainly jumbo/fine cut porridge oats/ and barley flakes, and in the case of the proper Raspberry recipe, dried fruit(s) and seeds are included; so nothing artificial used.

The proper porridge packs can be purchased in sachets (10 per pack) that take just 3 minutes to prepare in the microwave and just a little bit longer if using the traditional (on the hob) method.

To prepare in a microwave oven:

Use 150ml of semi-skimmed milk per sachet in a bowl. Cook for 2 minutes, remove and stir, and return to the microwave for a further minute.

Result: Ingredients swell from the dry state and makes a soft and creamy porridge. The cooked porridge was extremely hot on removal from the microwave and needs a minute or two to cool. Our testers found the porridge warming and satisfying, the high quality of ingredients is apparent and the balance of sweetness perfect in both cases. Goldilocks would be very happy!

Porridge is a food that is high in fibre and low in sodium. It is suitable for vegetarians. See packs for allergy advice.

Also available: proper Gingerbread porridge. Proper Raspberry porridge is also available in free-flowing boxes to enable your own portion size exactly, also £2.49. These and breakfast bundle deals available online here

…and talking of prizes, last year, we reviewed the granola recipe of a Facebook competition winner. This year, Dorset Cereals has produced Stacey Wood’s cherry and almond recipe, in limited edition, to acknowledge her winning creativity, details here

Dorest Cereal’s, cherry & almond granola, makes up to 12 small bowlfuls. It is a mix of ingredients which includes: oats, sunflower seeds; rye flakes; golden syrup; flaked and ground almonds; sour cherry puree and freeze dried cherries. It is not clear from the details on the packaging whether Stacey was inspired by the sweet, nuttiness of a classic Bakewell Tart or the more commercial Cherry Bakewell. There are many controversies over what makes a perfect Bakewell Tart but generally the fruit jam is strawberry, whereas the Cherry Bakewell has the addition of the soft icing and cherry on the top. Both tarts tend to be buttery and extremely sweet, and so, while we acknowledge the essential almond nuttiness is present, it is, perhaps, a wrong move for the company to directly compare their product with a baking product that has high sugar and fat content. Where they say ‘better than a bakewell tart’ it would probably have been more accurate to say ‘better because it is healthier than…’. But let’s not split hairs, this granola, after all, has a nice, balanced flavour with a ‘bitty’ texture, and we feel it works better as a base (or topper) for yoghurt, ice-cream or fruit or a stand-alone snack, as is a little bland when served straight, with milk, in a bowl.

For up to date details as to where to buy the above items, and other cereal products click here

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