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Ok, here’s the deal, I have a serious addiction to these subscription boxes.  Currently I subscribe to: BirchBox:  https://www.birchbox.com?raf=bhxzm BarkBox https://barkbox.com/r/KkjNgByWh8/ GlossyBox http://www.glossybox.com/referal?CI=NDAyOQ==  Beauty Bar Sample Society Box Petite Box–No longer available but worth mentioning because the concept was fantastic PVBody Box–Fitness clothes!!!!  http://www.pvbody.com/pvbody-how-it-works and PopSugar  http://popsu.gr/pPE  Needless to say,…

Concert photography is really difficult to do well, with low and forever changing light, getting, and managing to hold your position, and people stepping on your toes or tipping drinks over you, so these shots are really special. Have re-blogged to highlight Patrick’s cool blog and his amazing photography.

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Here we are on Monday and, as you already know, today I go by granny Lucia to play and I will wait for my cousin Anita. I missed her a lot and I can not wait to see her to have fun. I also have a couple of secrets to tell…

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Looking for the perfect gift? We have a few gift items to suit the grown-ups. Admittedly, we are suckers for the engaging qualities of the somewhat unusual creations presented by the businesses featured here, so not quite so unbiased in our presentation on this occasion. Featured are: • Rouge Fragrance Lamp and Fresh Redcurrant with … More Gift Guide by TSS