Gift Guide by TSS

Looking for the perfect gift? We have a few gift items to suit the grown-ups. Admittedly, we are suckers for the engaging qualities of the somewhat unusual creations presented by the businesses featured here, so not quite so unbiased in our presentation on this occasion.

Featured are:

• Rouge Fragrance Lamp and Fresh Redcurrant with Cranberry, Fig, and a touch of Vanilla Fragrance Oil – buy from and Amazon

• Christmas themed and TV/Comic Strip Character Masks – buy from Mask-arade and Amazon

• ‘Rock Star’ Cosmetic Eye Contacts –

• Knightsbridge Cushion –

• Knit Kit – NPW

Rouge lamp by New Leaf Aromas

Rouge Fragrance Lamp has…

a beautiful ruby red (and gold) finish.

twinned with the lovely Cranberry and Fig fragrance, the two together will make a classy gift, characterizing richness and opulence.

Our original Review of New Leaf Effusion Lamp and oils will offer answers to any questions and some helpful links.

Packs of Christmas themed ‘Half Faced’ masks

Guaranteed to make any Christmas occasion rib tickling funny.

Pack One of Christmas Half Faced masks by Mask-arade
Pack Two of Christmas Half Faced Masks by Mask-arade
Dennis and Gnasher masks by Mask-arade

Mask-arade do much for those who enjoy tripping down nostalgia’s way, and for the enjoyment and sheer childishness of humour centred on sharing and revisiting characters from our past times and passions, look no further. Here is Dennis and Gnasher!


And these hilariously amusing masks of Rainbow Characters from children’s TV in the 70s

Our original Review of Masks by Mask-arade will offer answers to any questions and provide online links

‘Rock Star’ Cosmetic Contact Lenses by Vision Direct

For the exhibitionists amongst us, these ‘Rock Star’ Fashion lenses are a major revelation!


Knightsbridge Cushion from Cushion Couture

The strikingly ‘Boudoir’ design qualities of this bold and beautiful cushion will surprise the recipient for all the right reasons.

This scrumptiously silk-like cushion with its large jeweled centre provides a touch of seasonal bling – Here it is in shiny black.

Our original Review of cushions designs from will provide details about quality of items, and relevant links.


In this our Olympic hosting year and our Queen’s Diamond Jubilee the Red, White and Blue has never been so popular, and with a revival of interest in ‘kitchenalia’ type items we think this Tea Cosy Knit Kit will be a gift that commemorates this vintage year perfectly.

Our original Gift for Her blog post features info and links to the website of NPW.

Whether you are past clients, or not, we would like to feature gift items in a blog dedicated to advertising your gift wares, so please get in touch to arrange by using the contact form on the ABOUT page at TSS Reviews.
Best wishes


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