Stilton and Walnuts with Pea Shoots and Baby Leaf Salad

Stilton and WalnutsStilton, star of the cheeseboard on special occasions and known as an excellent accompaniment to Port wine, is an extremely versatile cheese actually. Strong to the taste buds, and to the nose! It is, nonetheless, a lovely, creamy textured cheese which melts easily, and, like all blue cheeses is easy to crumble, yet can be sliced and cut in to chunks without losing its form. We think, as do Steve Leaves, that Stilton cheese can be delicious and enhanced even more by putting it into a salad.

Here is a salad recipe that is rich in texture and colour, is extremely flavoursome: a wonderful mix of sweet and cheesy sour, salty, yet fruity and surprisingly refreshing, a lighter way to enjoy this famous crusty, British cheese. Ideal for a cold buffet.
what you need


What you need to serve 2 -4 persons
1 Nice Big Helping Bag of Pea Shoots and Baby Leaves (Steves Leaves)
250g Stilton
100g Walnut pieces
4 spring onions
8 Cherry Tomatoes
2 large handfuls Cranberries
Fruity Blackcurrant & White Balsamic Vinegar dressing (Steves Leaves)
Salt and Pepper

Place a pan on a warm heat then add the walnut pieces and gently toast this way (no fat required). Arrange a handful, or two, of the salad leaves and pea shoots taken from the bag, (no need to wash) on to plates or individual salad style bowls. Add the walnuts, then halve the cherry tomatoes and slice the spring onions – adding all of these to the leaves etc. Roughly cube the Stilton cheese and ‘sprinkle’ in along with the cranberries. Drizzle over the dressing, and season with salt and pepper.
stilton walnuts pea shoot and baby leaves


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