Review of Gourmet PopCorn by Joe & Seph’s

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The founder of this award winning, popcorn producing business, Joseph, wears two hats. His role(s) are primary. Joseph is both ‘Joe’ the Popcorn Chef, and ‘Seph’ the Connoisseur, hence the company name. And the alternated positions of the hats above the names ‘Joe & Seph’s’ (see above) are logos designed to define his ingenuity. Joseph believes in his product and says “If you don’t love this popcorn…I’ll eat my hats” Find out more of how Joseph became a chef and a connoisseur of gourmet popcorn by reading his storyJoe photo v2

We had…

six flavours to test, taken from a range of twenty plus of both sweet and savoury popcorn recipes, selected for us by sales and marketing manager, Rob. Nutritional Information provided on the website and the packaging itself confirms that all ingredients are natural.
We found…
Joseph’s experimentation with combinations of flavours have resulted in a range of quality popcorn that is obviously different due to the mix and ingredients used in the separate recipes, yet we found a certain distinctiveness in the taste which defines the brand. Flavours are a modern day twist on the collective, childhood imaginings of how popcorn should be.

We believe…

this is all about quality and not quantity. Available in taster packs (35g), and 80, 90 and 100g pouches. Our testers were unanimous in the thinking that you would enjoy the watching of a full length feature film without the urge to gorge this foodstuff in the same way you might do or have done in the past, and that a 100g pack is plenty enough for three people to snack on, intermittently, while enjoying a movie together, as a guide. There is a lot of popcorn on the market that is cheaper (weight for weight), yet our opinion is that it is inferior in many respects, and often full of ‘empty’ calories largely because the nutrition value is less in comparison. For product range and prices visit the online shop Note: Joe & Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn is stocked by Selfridges, Harrods, Wholefoods Market, Lakeland, Harvey Nichols, Camden Food Co, and lots of independents as well as Picturehouse Cinemas and hotels including The Hempel, Four Seasons and W Hotel.

We acknowledge…

the flavours! Which are heavenly actually, in particular the Toffee, Golden Delicious Apple & Cinnamon combined recipe and the standalone Gingerbread too. That distinctiveness we mentioned earlier comes in the texture and in the buttery creaminess that is also present in the savoury recipes like the Goat’s Cheese and Black Pepper for instance. Taster packs are a trio of taste experiences designed to hit you in waves as you eat. We can vouch this is certainly the case with Caramel, Pepper and Chilli – you really do start with the dreamy toffee taste leading and is followed by the hot pepper and then finishing with the chilli kick, rather clichéd perhaps but there is no better way to describe the sensation!


the corn is air popped. Popcorn is handmade, all kernels that have not popped, or are not whole, are removed as much as is possible in production. Made in an environment where nut ingredients are used. Warnings on the packs convey these messages.
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is superior. A 35g transparent pouch is lightweight, is good for transporting in handbags, messenger bags, backpacks, or satchels. These, as well as the larger packs, gives rise to an easy ‘take out”on the go’ way of snacking, yet are convenient too for passing across and sharing in more ‘sitting down’ social type situations. Packs can also be resealed, unlike many large bags of everyday popcorn that can split and spill. These pouches/packs, as well as the popcorn filled tins and glass popcorn jars available here, make a thoughtful food gift, popular with so many, whatever the age. Excellent too, for lunch boxes and party food (cold or hot). Timeless.


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