Book Review – Homespun Vintage

ISBN 9781843406297

RRP £14.99
Note: Homespun Vintage by Jane Crowfoot can be ordered direct at

Published by Collins & Brown, Jan 2013


20 knit and crotchet projects which are divided into three sections namely:
1. FolkTales – cushion, rug and bedspread designs which include embroidery and applique techniques
2. Two Tone Chic – includes monochrome cushions and a lamp shade project, designs are based on classic geometric style patterns
3. Time for Tea – complimenting the current vogue for vintage, this section has patterns to make cushions using 4 ply yarn, wool cotton, beads and lace for projects which include knitting, cross stitching and embellishing


Author, Jane Crowfoot remembers her early observations of interior spaces and her interest in the different tastes of home decor displayed around and about her while growing up. Crowfoot tells of her pursuit of an education in the 1980s that followed closely her passion for art and design, and of her move to working with textiles, yarn particularly, and the production of craft work that often conveys a social story and reflects personality. In her final paragraph Crowfoot stresses that the traditional craft of knitting and crochet lends itself nicely to modern day home furnishings

Range of information
All the information required to make the items is condensed down to between two to six pages including photographic imagery depending on the complexity of the project. Each project has a brief introduction, a chart with sizing, materials required and tension details. The main body is taken up with the pattern, colour key, photography and illustrations. There is a technique guide at the back, an abbreviation list, crochet terms (UK and US) and details of the availability of materials 9/10

Quality of information
Information fully supports the aim to do the best job at recreating the items set out. The feature writing that opens each project is intended to educate, strike up interest, and link themes 8/10

Hardback book is 25 cm Long x 20 cm Wide. Fonts are quite small and print used is either black or grey. At least one full paged image is included for each project 9/10

Eye catching, full colour photography, images are of high quality 10/10

Opens with publishing attributes, copyright and distribution information also acknowledgement of photographic, illustrative and chart design work. This information precedes the contents page.
Contains 96 pages, the final page includes acknowledgements, ‘about the author’ and contact details for the publishing house Collins and Brown including an invitation to join the craft community called Love Crafts which is a digital outlet used by the publisher

This is a beautifully presented book, with some inspirational knit and crochet projects that will encourage the upholding of traditional crafts. Finished pieces are sophisticated and add vintage style and appeal to the home


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