Duerr’s Marmalades and Jams – A Review

Duerr’s is a fifth generation Mancunian family business which continues to produce preserves to traditional recipes passed down by its founders. Generally the company makes a range of jam and marmalade containing a sugar content of between 62 – 65% per 100g. The process involves boiling to 104 degrees centigrade for around 20 minutes then being transferred into vacuum-sealed jars.

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Seville Orange Marmalade 454g
The product is fresh tasting, nicely balanced with a jelly like texture and if you are not partial to the presence of thick orange peel, with that truly bitter quality and chewy texture then this Fine Cut version would suffice. It is versatile too, not only spread on toast but as a glaze and a filling in many cake, bun, pudding, and even some savoury recipes.
There has been a huge rise in Amateur and Artisan produced marmalade. These small scale producers use open pan methods and have perfected their own, original marmalade recipes. Duerr’s Seville Orange marmalade remains a decent product in comparison and because of its large scale production can sell at a much cheaper price. More information here
Despite the renewed interest in the making and selling of high quality preserves and the fact there is even such a thing as a World’s Original Marmalade Award The Grocer recently reported a decline in the its popularity, whereas reports a double-digit growth in chocolate spread. Interesting to hear Richard Duerr’s views on this, his view is that he doubts chocolate spread will ‘ever catch up with jam and marmalade in terms of volume as they are too expensive to be an everyday commodity’.

Orange Chocolate Marmalade
So a clever move it was to attempt to achieve the best of both worlds and for the company to launch for this year’s Easter period 2013, a limited edition Orange marmalade with Dark Chocolate. Duerr’s says the product combines fine cut Seville oranges, with dark chocolate and tangerine oil.
The claim is that this product is a ‘highly aromatic, a bittersweet spread packed full of orange blossom scents, set against the richness of high cocoa content chocolate’. Tempting and Intriguing? It most certainly is! And you’d like us to tell you if this is an accurate assessment. Well, it is and it isn’t. Our three palate testers all agreed that the ‘bitter sweetness’ is present, but it is overriding in fact, and that the dark chocolate taste is not really detectable. The actual cocoa content of the chocolate is not revealed on the labelling and the ‘aroma’ appears to emanate from the tangerine oil, so is rather manufactured, the chocolate undertones are there, but ever so slightly. The colour and texture is not very appealing, resembles the look of brown pickle or chutney. More information here

Strawberry Jam 340g
Duerr’s jams are of an exceptional quality. Sweet, fruit packed, firm, yet are fantastic value for money. We think it is fair to place the jams as an everyday essential brand, yet they really do challenge, in all areas, many preserves and spreads that sit at the high end of the market. More information here

***Three Stars

Duerr’s can be found on Facebook and Twitter @Duerrs1881


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