Review of Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash and Microfibre Towel

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There is change to the atmosphere in springtime, where light diffuses differently and shows up the dirt. And, as the weather warms up, suburbia, on a Sunday morning, still means grass cutting and car cleaning for many.

We have recently come to know about Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash. This is a spray and wipe cleaner and no water is required to be effective. As we learn about this product we are sharing the information as follows:

  • This is a very eco friendly alternative to car washing in areas at home and abroad where water is in short supply.
  • We acknowledge that it can take a great deal of heated water to clean even the smallest vehicle, so swapping the use of hot/warm water for this waterless cleaner or avoiding the fee charging automated car wash outlets is one change to make that would go someway to helping the future of our planet.
  • Detergents and other chemicals are often added to make the car washing water foamy. These pollutants end up down the drain along with the dirty water, and, so, eliminating the bucket/hose, soap, sponge or mechanized brush approach is considerably lighter on the environment.
  • The task of cleaning the car can be a mammoth one, especially when the hose pipe needs to be trailed through like an extension from the tap, or the bucket is burdensome. So, in comparison, the ease of use is vastly better, and cheaper than paying for a weekly car wash or jet wash.
  • For those who suffer skin conditions made worse by the drying effects of water, hot and cold temperatures, and by contact with certain soaps and other cleansers then using this waterless method to clean the car could be a truly viable option.

Of course, we were simply curious to see if the product works and how well it performed. The car used to trial was covered with the usual kind of muck and dust particles one often sees. Paintwork gets coated with these kinds of contaminants after general road use and when exposed to the elements. The car was, therefore, unclean, but it is important to note that it was free from mud splatters, and any thick and heavy staining.

Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash 500ml ready to use £8.99
Tester worked in sections and sprayed the Eco Touch across the surface each time and also directly on to the microfiber towel – cleaning took place in seconds, just a wipe across was sufficient, no hard rubbing effort required. Dirt was removed immediately. Tester reports effortless and speedy cleaning of a moderately dirty car. Paintwork looked clean and shiny as a result. Ideal for those who clean their cars on a regular basis, yet tester cannot envisage the product being able to work effectively on a vehicle that is badly soiled, greasy, or with dried/caked on mud and grime. The latter is opinion based information only and cannot be verified in this review. Ingredients include a filtered water base and plant-derived surfactants – Eco Touch Waterless Car Wash was an Auto Express Product of the year 2012. Recommended.
Also available:
50ml (Concentrate) £4.99
5 litres £40.00

microfibre towel (40cm x 40cm) 300 GSM 70% Polyester/30% Polyamide – Hunter Green £1.49

Use two microfibre towels in conjunction with the Waterless Car Wash product, one to clean/wipe and the other to buff up a shine. Tester reports the items had dirt, dust grabbing qualities and was an effective buffer, but thought it necessary to prolong the life of the first cloth particularly to soak after use to loosen dirt and then wash (separately). Towel can be used wet or dry.


Eco Touch is a range of premium car care manufactured in the US and distributed in the UK by Conserveco Limited
Eco Touch are always investigating “greener” alternatives for their existing products.


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