Review of Warburtons Escapes – a snack range

In May 2011, Warburtons became the first company in the UK to produce pitta based snacks. Now those previously sold under the name of Warburtons Baked Pitta Chips have a new look. We would like to introduce in this review feature Warburtons Escapes. These are the famous bakery brand’s new offering of revamped crispy pitta bites, and are an alternative premium snack to potato crisps and tortilla corn chips.

Pitta breads are traditionally served with an accompanying dip. These crunchy snacks have been designed with dipping in mind, but serve perfectly well with a cheese platter, with party food or simply as a standalone snack. Made from natural flavours these pitta bites have a fresh, bread-like taste and are baked to a crisp, almost aerated, texture. All flavours (details below) taste really, really good and there is something to suit all taste buds. The infusion of flavours in the different recipes is well balanced, with a slight heat kick in the chilli and curry style flavours.

These chips are aimed at the premium end of the snacking market. They serve as a satisfying lunchbox addition and are an affordable treat. The new packaging depicting the outdoors and outdoor activities are colourful, the spicy ranges are nigh on exotic, so all round presentation is a vast improvement as to what went before.

Nutritionally Warburtons Escapes are slightly lower in calories and fat than similar BAKED products made from potato, and corn. When comparing the nutritional content with around seven popular, standard, potato crisp products that have been FRIED to produce, the results found that Warburtons Escapes contain 45% less fat in comparison. Note: Warburtons Escapes are baked using sunflower oil and are Vegetarian Society approved.

Available in the following pack sizes.

Sour Cream & Chive                      40g, 85g, 150g

Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper     40g, 150g

Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar                 40g, 150g

Spicy Chilli Jack                            40g, 85g, 150g

Classic Tikka                                40g, 150g

Fiery Madras                                40g, 150g

Available across all major retailers, convenience stores, independent retailers, wholesale and vending machines from mid-March 2013. Twitter @WarbsEscapes

This product is awarded FIVE STARS *****


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