Review of Moisturising Baby Cream (100% Natural) by Mary Jean Limited

When it comes to skin care there is information and research out there to do with the chemical risks surrounding many, common, health and beauty products on the market. Health experts may well be the first to suggest avoidance, yet it is extremely difficult to actively avoid synthetic chemicals. Labeling will verify, but it can be a laborious procedure to check out due to the complexity of the scientific language used.

The baby range under review, as with all other skincare items produced by Scottish based company, Mary Jean, is handmade in small batches to influence freshness in quality. We were interested in knowing more of the formulas used for their baby range specifically. We wanted to know if the Moisturising Baby Cream, which is 100% natural, could be used as a barrier on the skin for instance.  We were told that the beeswax and *allantoin present, does act as a barrier, and is a chemical free alternative to *zinc oxide for the protection of delicate young skin from nappy rash.

We can verify that opting to use this light, fluffy soufflé-like baby cream will not only eliminate any chance of an allergic reaction to chemical compounds, but will be soothing and softening for a baby’s bottom and for any other area of baby skin which can be sore, dry or flaky. The baby cream has a wholesome, remedial decency, is Aloe Vera rich, fragrantly gentle, and non-greasy. A combination of cold pressed oils have been used in its manufacture, we have not been able to determine which type of oil(s) are used exactly, but if an olive oil (or something of similar quality) features, essential oils as claimed, and considering too the meticulous hand making processes to produce, we think this would be fair justification for charging £7.50 for this small 50g jar.

Mary Jean says this about their complete product range of lotions, creams, soaps and other skincare items ‘we had the idea that all our formulations would be our own and our products must be made in such a way that they should be beneficial to the people that were buying them’ and also add this noteworthy point about the moisturising baby cream product specifically…‘the adults are buying it for problems such as ezcema and psoriasis’. The company would also like us to mention their Mum & Baby Lotion as well as their Vitamin Rich Body Cream  and tell you that this product was shortlisted for the FreeFrom Skincare Awards, from Skins Matter.

TSS says ‘we like to talk about and feature businesses like Mary Jean, and their environment friendly ‘green’ products. We do not use preachy tones or condescending sales pitches. We do believe however, that companies producing chemical free products is crucial both environmentally and health wise, and we acknowledge that it is often the manufacturers, high profile celebrities, and specialist bloggers who endorse the importance better and can be more influential than, perhaps, policy makers or politicians can. On the other hand, often people will look to products like these from Mary Jean to be made purely from plants (without animal) and will not have been tested on animals. To be fair to the company they have not falsely declared this to be so in either case, but please know if this product were to be one that you could ingest (and of course it is not) then it would not be suitable for vegetarians/vegans.

*allantoin – is a natural chemical compound that is produced by many organisms, including animals, bacteria and plants

*zinc oxide – an inorganic compound commonly used as a topical skin product

*** Three stars


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