featuring the A5 Executive Style Book Carrier by Bagabook Ltd

bagabook 1Buying gifts is never an easy task but for those who are keen readers and remain sentimental about the book form this is a gift that will be appreciated.

Favourite reads can be taken here, there and everywhere using this book carrier, it combines versatility, practicality and elegance.

bagabook 3Versatile – as this is a carrier and organiser, the inner support will hold a variety of book sizes up to A5, for example a fiction/non-fiction book, prayer book, e-reader, diary or notepad.

Practical – as the cover provides privacy for the owner so whatever is being read or being used for note taking is not visible on the outside. Bagabook Executive is lightweight and compact and has a magnetic clasp for easy closure and a carry handle, so is perfect while travelling and an ideal book accessory when whiling away the time at the beach or at the park. Also includes a bookmark, pen holder, an inside pocket for a Travelcard (transparent), as well as a secure, zipper pocket for storing cash and phone.

Elegant – the design is cute, yet chic, the fabric is woven in an Aztec pattern. This style, as well as others available in the executive range (croc, faux leather, and the new ‘Union Jack’) combine fashion and function all in one!
Bagabook 2

No one can demonstrate this item and other styles available better than Bagabook designer, Susan, so here follows a short video clip to help you choose your Bagabook product.

The executive and the classic carriers, iPad, Kindle, Kobo cases and other accessories are retailing online at www.bagabook.com as well as the fun and trendy Jacqueline Wilson Tracey Beaker book carrier for children.


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