Review of new Dorset Cereal granolas

These two new recipes under review are Oat and Berry, and they join the Honey Granola and the Chocolate to make four supreme varieties of granola; probably the best ever Dorset Cereals has produced to date in terms of taste and texture.

The New Oat Granola the baking process has produced a much softer crunching granola compared to some older versions of recipes and limited editions produced by the company. As with all cereals from this range the result is a rustic foodstuff made from all natural ingredients; no palm oil. Sweetening oats with golden syrup will always work well in recipes, and with the hint of vanilla that comes through this is a winning combination that provides much versatility. Whether you use granola as a base or a topper it combines, beautifully, with yoghurt, compote and other dairy based breakfasts and desserts. Available from all major retailers, RRP £2.99 for 550g 5/5

The New Berry Granola when in the mouth this is almost biscuit-like in texture and the pumpkin seeds add extra nibble. The freeze dried berries and fruit puree balances sweet with sour and the crushed blending of the raspberries and blackberries really makes for a lovely mix and works better than leaving the fruits whole. Available from all major retailers, RRP £3.79 for 550g 5/5

We have talked before about the eye catching pack designs of the range before, the redesigning has added more clarity in regard to content. For more information visit the website



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